11 Best Vehicles for the Zombie Apocalypse

When the zombie apocalypse inevitably happens you’re going to need the best vehicles to escape and survive those brain eaters!

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6. Dog Sled
Dog sleds are rather crude, won’t need much maintenance (if any), and extremely useful while trying to escape from the undead during winter storms. As long as you have a few of man’s best friends, you’ll only need some food in order to keep this vehicle well fuelled. Who knows how well the availability of fossil fuels will be during the zombie apocalypse. The basic vehicle can be repaired using common household items. If one of the dogs passes away, in the time of emergency it could ultimately become an impromptu food source. Keep the dog sled open as a possibility and you won’t become reliant of gasoline in order to get around.

5. The Marauder
Possibly the biggest baddest vehicle available for civilian purchase is the armored vehicle known as the Marauder. It laughs in the face of danger as it has the ability to plow through brick walls and survive TNT explosions. Any remains of a zombie that dares standing in its path, will be reduced to the shape of a pancake. There are no worries about the flat tires since it can run on a flat and has room for 2 two spare tires, just in case. It only reaches a top speed which really isn’t that high for 300,000 dollar car but makes up for it greatly with a payload capacity of over 13000 pounds. It has room for 8 people to roll in your zombie hunting crew as well as long range fuel tanks, a speaker, anti-blast seats. And the list goes on. If it can protect you from a group of hungry lions, you should be perfectly safe against the undead. When you have the money and are serious about preparing for the zombie apocalypse, this car will certainly not disappoint. Since it is considered a military grade vehicle, with the right mechanic and weapons, this could possibly be modified to be even more devastating against enemy zombies.

4. The Amphibious Quad
So what would make the ATV even better as a zombie vehicle than it already is? What if it had the ability to turn into a jet ski? There is still very much debate on the internet whether zombies can swim or not, but if they’re not able to, this vehicle will be as valuable as gold during the apocalypse. A Gibbs Quadski Amphibious 4 wheel quad won’t keep water from getting in the way of your escape plan. While everyone is stuck on the land in heavy traffic, you can possibly to make to a nearby island, safe from zombies. For the moment.. It can reach 45 miles an hour on the land and has a 15 gallon fuel tank which will keep you on the run for a while.

3. Solar Power Car
With that being said, keep this solar power car as a possibility if you can get your hands on one. With the uncertainty of how to get ahold of gasoline, we know there will most likely still be sunshine in many parts of the world. This extremely lightweight, electric car known as the “Stella” is able to charge itself using solar cells. It’s able to drive 500 miles on one single charge and reach speeds of 80 miles per hour. What it lacks in armour and off road ability, it seems to make up for in a reliable fuel system. If this technology is able to advance further and a few modifications are made, this could have potential to be the #1.

2. Pal V One
Many people have dreamed of flying car and since zombies most likely won’t have the ability to fly, a hybrid car helicopter seems like it would be a perfect vehicle during the apocalypse. It can reach ground speeds of 112 miles per hour and goes from 0-60 in 8 seconds. So there’s no doubt that with proper maintenance, it this 300,000 dollar vehicle can drive just as well, if not better than many cars. The gasoline powered engine allows to fly over 300 miles and reach altitudes of 4000 feet. The wheels do not appear ready to take on off road challenges but when you can that sort of cancels out that problem. Getting a bird’s eye view is necessary to scope out what areas the zombies have affected most, giving you a huge advantage.

1. Jeeps
Jeeps are rugged, reliable vehicles and are built to go off road. They were designed in the 1940’s and specifically made for the military. This makes them arguably the oldest four wheel drive mass produced vehicles ever made. So if worked for the allies in World War 2, it should be somewhat useful in the zombie apocalypse. The modern day jeep wranglers could be one of the better all around vehicles; with some room for essential supply storage, off-road capabilities and it’s potential to be transformed into a zombie killing machine. Tough jeeps, especially one’s like this that have been modified in order to successful combat zombies with a .50 caliber machine gun, and heavy duty tires that certainly won’t pop easy. This could certainly be your best affordable choice of vehicles on this list.

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