2018 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings By Tier

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All stats from this video were found at either playerprofiler.com, profootballfocus.com or https://www.pro-football-reference.com

Playerprofiler.com is best for athleticism metrics…so like height adjusted speed score and SPARQ-x

PFF is where you can find all stat and data you are looking for

Pro Football Reference is the best site to find game logs, season totals, and to do filtered season searches

Looking at YPC: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/fantasy-football-different-ways-to-look-at-yards-per-carry

TD Regression Article: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/fantasy-football-metrics-that-matter-touchdown-efficiency

RB Value Article: https://www.thefantasyfootballadvice.com/articles/the-passing-league-narrative

When to Draft a QB Article: https://www.thefantasyfootballadvice.com/articles/2018/4/14/when-to-draft-a-qb

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  1. ***************************************
    We are officially live in our partnership with DraftKings! Check the description to find out how to get premium access to our website!

  2. I have Michael Thomas, Devonta Freeman and Kenyan Drake on my team from last year. I need to pick a keeper, I'm torn between Thomas and Freeman….I'm leaning toward Freeman but I'm nervous about him being prone to injury… Help!!!!

  3. I totally disagree that you shouldn't want r smith if you have elliot. You can't predict injuries but you can try and mitigate their effects when they happen. If you have elliot and he goes down you are going to want to have smith and it's not like you need to invest a lot to get him… like you did for elliot.

  4. Barkley over gordon hunt, and kamara haha. hes not a freak of nature only when hes running againts college defenses. Barkley will struggle like every other rb on giants offense. Fournette was also a freak of a nature and he has a lot more power then barkley and hes been ok in the nfl. Barkely has a worst oline. Fournette will easily outproduce him. Cook is coming off a torn acl and murray was great at end of the year. They already said they are going to use murray too. Its a offensive coordinator that likes to use multiple backs. You guys go off last years stats and measurments from combines. Its retarded. You guys have no clue. Pat shurmur is gone. Cook is gonna get lot less carries. Hunt has no risk. You act like Alex Smith is a stud qb. hes average servicable qb. Mahomes will bring some excietment can get the all down field and that pushes defenses back on their heels which means more running room for Hunt.

  5. Hyde is 27 years old in an improved offense. He had 1300 yards combined on a piss poor team last year. To grade him at 48 is a mistake and you are not alone. I'll be drafting Hyde in the middle of the draft and loving it. Worst pass catcher in the league had 59 receptions?

  6. If I have Elliot as my second round keeper, who should I take with the first overall pick? Best available are AB, Gurley and Barkley? RBs drop off pretty quick after pick 15, but the WRs at 21 are also hit or miss, but I'd have a dominant RB group w Gurley and Elliot.

  7. Here is the real rankings of the top tier *if they all stay healthy
    1. DJ
    2. Bell
    3. Gurley
    4. Zeke
    Laugh at me all you want but if these dudes stay healthy this is how they will fall into place

  8. I'm so pissed in an 8 person fantasy league a family league. My brother had the nerve to trade Fournette and Green or Bell and LF, my uncle accepts it because my brother begged him, i was walking the dog so he snags my laptop and immediately upholds the trade, he now has zeke and bell on the same team, now fantasy won't be fun anymore

  9. To be fair… Ty Mont was fantastic for the 3 games when he was healthy lol. 19, 29, and 13 ppr points in those first 3 games.. and on the first drive of game 4 he had 5 carries for 28 yards before the injury. He was most certainly on pace for a top 5 finish. Well worth the 5th round ADP up until that point imo.. The downside was him being a fragile back with by far the highest snap percentage of all RBs and, iirc, leading the league in touches at that point. I get not drafting him though. I don't think I've taken him in a single mock. He wasn't particularly efficient and now he won't have the workload to go with it. Worth a late round flier but I think he just goes ahead of where I'd take him. Also.. I think it's pronounced "Dee-on-tay" Foreman.

  10. when Luck had his big season, #1 overall, the Colts leading rusher was Trent Richardson who had 500 yards and ran for 3.2 ypc. Luck doesn't help Mack. They drafted two RBs for a reason. avoid that whole mess, but Wilkins late i suppose isn't a bad dart throw.


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