6 against Trump: Latest US policies trigger ‘kick America out of G7’ talk

If Donald Trump doesn’t care about ‘being isolated,’ then G7 may be better being G6, says Emmanuel Macron. The French president slammed US counterpart for ‘unproductive’ tariffs and preventing other nations from dealing with Iran.

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  1. Hopefully trump opens up american borders to white people again rather than the third world, they are gonna need to flee europe to find work, and america is gonna need many new workers. Europe is finished anyway, i could see the forgotten people of europe moving to america to find opportunity, freedom from communism and islam and acceptance for being white, like they have done in the past

  2. The comment section is filled with kentucky fried intellectualism. Americans are by far the dumbest demographic to ever exist in the history of man.

    WW3 is coming. All thanks to Trump and his selfish supporters. We now have ZERO allies. Canada, is now retaliating ffs….

  3. look liar, this is not only another family quarrel, this is not a family quarrel, this is getting very serious, trump is setting the stage for war with n korea, he has already made up his mind, he is distancing the usa from other countries, his next big news before the announcement of war will with n korea will be national unity, in the exact same pattern of adolf hitler, america is going to war, and like germany destruction will be the final result, and america will be toppled dissenters and protesters will be dealt with harshly, expect fema camps

  4. You really think every trade until today has always favoured the other countries ,??? Rather than negotiate better deals if you feel that is your position, but unable so you tariff everything! Is your head injury recent ? Again like most things, the source being trump is a problem. Causing riffs with countries that have substantial depth also lacks insight. If your first whim is just believe everything trump says, you are already done. Did you know where most of trumps clothing line is made? Guess? I'll give you a clue is a country that uses labour force as a powerful resource. Oh,,,and Ivanka's too. Again reality bites!

  5. I usually like RT, but what the fuck is wrong with this idiot? Is he a Russian liberal? So America is supposed to get sucked dry by every country with unfair trade deals…..and when we address the issue we're the ones that are wrong? Fuck you

  6. It seems to me that the United Nations, the G7 and a lot of these other organizations are the ones that are destroying the world trying to Implement agenda 21 and agenda 2030. It's high time that those organizations be purged or dismantled.

  7. Macron couldn't lead a horse to water. He should try running his country instead of his mouth. Kick America out of G7. Good luck with that. The strongest economy in the world. If anything, kick Canada out, as it is the 10th economy in the world and shouldn't even be there. It's all cronyism politics. I for one am glad someone is upsetting the apple cart. These little private clubs do what exactly, other than find new ways to tax the masses and make pacts to clean up the planet with phony, unrealistic goals and no plan to police, patrol or even measure any of their commitments against reality. Talk is cheap. Why is Canada even making these stupid claims on pollution?? It's one of the cleanest countries in the world. What a load of crap. Trudeau's biggest decision in this summit was obviously what socks to wear. Shallow and superficial, just like the G7.Eat, drink, enjoy lavish accommodations at our expense, you overpaid, overfed and over inflated 'world elitists'. Pigs at the trough.

  8. Trump is a pussy and a coward. A disgrace to America. Yes, the rest of the world should sanction the US until Trump is removed from office. Save Us! Our own government has failed to remove this cancer from America. World War 3 is just around the corner.

  9. So many comment supporting trump are from unused, absolutely no content whatsoever accounts ! THEY ARE FAKE ACCOUNTS ! …Don't believe these comments, these are accounts set up to do the same as they did last time. To try and sway public opinion.

  10. Wait if this is funded by the ruskies and they are also criticising him for like everything….
    Why are we still talking Russian probes on the news? Doesn't seem like Trump and the Russians have shared interest
    Did I miss something?