Are Americans Civil About Politics? | The View

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  1. Think we need to start by stop generalizing each party, separating the civil people in each party or political organizations and attacking each other because we don’t agree. Far Left, Alt-Right, 3rd Wave etc, these are the extremist that are louder but are the minorities.

  2. Oh poor Me-again.. only she can turn anything into her tragedy. Tho whole country is divided but poor baby doesn’t want to go out to dinner!! How bout donated that saved dinner money to Flint for clean water or PR for electricity?

  3. People are not asking questions because there's this idea that was put in their heads: questioning your president, your country, your government is unpatriotic. Questionning something is the best way to understand it. Whether it's a grouvernment, a religion, a school lesson, one should never stop questioning.

  4. Whoever is in charge of this youtube channel has been seriously slacking lately with the cuts. The segments have been randomly cut off before they finish talking or start in the middle of a sentence. It's a simple editing mistake. I've also seen videos being uploaded then deleted and reuploaded. Get your stuff together!

  5. Go girls!! Love you all. I am as left as they come and props to Meagan for holding her own. It's a learning curve being yourself in public like this and I imagine even harder when you are the outnumbered one on the right. You did a great job today Meghan! You are coming in to your own in the group. Love and light to you ladies!

  6. Ironically, it's members of the Republican party who are disrespecting John McCain and harrassing Meghan. White nationalists are cannibalizing other right-wingers who don't fall lock in step, in pursuit of their totalitarian agenda.

  7. That's why I like Joy because she is blunt and honest. Democracy is under attack. The rule of law (Trying to undermine Mueller investigation). The fourth estate(labeling The Press as fake). Racism is being normalized(With the good people on both sides ignorance). American cities don't have clean water(Flint, Michigan). Free Speech under attack (Colin Kaepernick #BlackLivesMatter).

  8. The civility stopped when Bush 2 was POTUS. When I was told by many people that if I didn't support the war then I didn't support the country, the president or the troops. To me thats when the civility stopped.

  9. Civility is out of the window, because Trump is running a sect with regular ritual meetings, shouting the same old unifying slogans against their devil: the Clintons. Trump and his party are a semi-religious sect. His worshipers are the people who are vulnerable for these type of sects, the evangelicals of the mega churches. God is great and Trump is his prophet. He attracts the same type of blind worshipers as Adolf Hitler, remember thousands of those AH worshipers committed suicide in the spring of 1945. Truth and facts are irrelevant for these worshipers, they live in their lies. Joseph Goebbels even believed in March/April 1945, that the Final German Victory was still possible. These type of worshipers (Joseph Goebbels and his wife) killed their son and 5 lovely young daughters in that spring of 1945, because their God had died. These type of worshipers are NOT rational people, they are irrational and any civil discussion about their god is impossible.

  10. It's because in America, they debate over common sense. They debate whether healthcare is a human right and if its a good idea to go to Iraq if theres no evidence to go or Bombing syria without a goal in doing it and if guns should be legal. In Spain, they have a COnservative Leader and they have free healthcare for tourists. People who are republican look stupid to the rest of the world. The only reason an intelligent person would vote republican is for a tax break.