Boo’d Up – Ella Mai | Alyssa Bernal

Been awhile! Love this song.

My latest single #Energy

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  1. Not gonna lie I found you sometime in high school and always thought you’re a great example of natural beauty. I don’t really care if you wear make up or not. Anything you do is just gonna become more because of you and never the other way around. But glad you stuck with singing. It’s nice to know consistency exists in this constantly changing world. Keep on with the keep on 💯🤙🏽

  2. Wow beautiful, the talent makes so beautiful for sure what is your case. A superb voice filled with sensuality. You have a lot of talent, I love it. See you soon for another cover. Your fan of Fance. See you soon 🎶🎶👍👏💎😍😘


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