Bowers Group Suppressor Cover Test & Review (HD)

I do a quick heat test with the Bowers Group Suppressor cover and test how well it works.

Suppressor cover link:

Full line of covers from Bowers Group:

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  1. Look to exhaust wrap for headers to see the ultimate outcome of doing this to certain metals. That heat wants to migrate and it will (somehow someway).  Good review as always.

  2. Silicone is the highest temperature rated rubber, but I would imagine hard suppressor use would get hotter than 400*F? I wonder how it would hold up to 3 mags?

  3. Watched an old video of you shooting pt111 g2 ….was wondering if you wife will be any more of your videos…like seeing couples shoot together and it helps with my girlfriend cause she shoots too… the videos that you have very informative…keep up the good work

  4. One other thing….i have a cz pcr and cz p01…was looking to get p07….not a great fan of polymer ….seen you had a couple videos on czs but don't think I seen any on p07….what are your thought on the p07 if you had or have one

  5. I have a few of these and have never used them. One bad thing is, with these on the cans will no longer fit in your suppressor pouch. Bowers needs to include a proprietary pouch as well.

  6. Bought one for my AAC 762 SDN After trimming I slid it on dry. Had to run under warm tap water to peel it off. Now I lube the can with CLP or Frog Lube. Much better. I don't use Frog Lube when hunting Too smelly 🙂 Cover works great. Hope they make OD color soon.

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