Dark Souls 3 : Akari of Sabbath, SL90 Chronicles «Ritual 11.0»

Akari has NOT left Lothric with some of the others. There are heroes and fools here awaiting cruel lessons which only a devout and cunning invader could provide them. This is OUR. HOME.

We’re back in the swing of things, and gods it feels good. You might notice I’ve made use of the past few months (at least those which had not been devoted to dealing with depression or my awful living situation… both of which are better now thankfully) to REALLY buckle down on my multi-spell-school Scythe playstyle, now having all but mastered it.

Between a firm grasp on the Scythe’s dynamic, varied moveset, the tools of control offered by hexes, and a finely-practiced invader guile, Akari is more ready to demonstrate the sight of hell to Hosts of Embers than ever before.

Remember, we are all mortal. ♥

The SL90 build: (Pyromancer starting class)
Vigor : 24(+5)
Attunement : 24
Endurance : 24(+5)
Vitality : 8(+5)
Strength : 16
Dexterity : 18
Intelligence : 29
Faith: 29
Luck : 7
Billed Mask, Vilhelm’s Armor, Lorian’s Gauntlets, Slave Knight Leggings
Prisoner’s Chain, Untrue Dark Ring, Sage’s Ring+2 (may be switched with Hawk Ring), one blank slot for Obscuring/Silvercat/anything else that arises
Dark Corvian Scythe+10, Filianore’s Chime+5 (right hand)
Demon’s Scar+5, Sunless Talisman+5 (left hand)
Darkmoon Longbow+5, Crystal Chime+5 (inventory)

– – –
00:00 • intro, w/ build info
03:00 ♦ Urban Influence ♦
06:47 ♦ Pagan Calendar ♦
11:57 ♦ Acropolis ♦
17:21 ♦ Nightingale Fixation ♦
27:12 ♦ Taskmistress Catch ♦
33:12 ♦ Red Rondo ♦
37:11 ♦ Brotherly Tangent ♦
43:55 ♦ Rhinoceros Honey ♦
48:01 ♦ Millstone Fervor ♦
57:28 ♦ Demon and Witch ♦
1:01:50 ♦ Trial of Scabbards ♦
(nine others, come Ritual 11.5. The Ringed City awaits!)

= = = =

Invasion footage at the end of ♦Demon and Witch♦ is the property of AdamBarker89, used with permission.
Give his work a look if you want to see some truly disgusting invasion gameplay!

Intro featuring work from the 2008 Chrono Trigger Orchestra Extra Soundtrack (and a tiny portion from the original game).

‘Theme of Morrigan’, Tatsunoko VS Capcom.

‘Mournweald Encounter’ carefully composed by Stuart Chatwood, the genius behind Darkest Dungeon’s OST (as well as many of the Prince of Persia games).

Jun Senoue remains the legend behind the Dreamcast era Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks. Sonic Forces’ soundtrack over a decade later was overseen by Tomoya Ohtani with assistance from the metalcore band ‘Dangerkids’.

“Yours Truly, Satan” arranged from Sonic CD (US) by Phonetic Hero, with the original soundtrack by Spenser Nielsen.

‘Set Me Free’ composed by Lorn, as featured in the OST of Furi.

“Glorious Crystal Stream” arranged by Vurez, as part of the OCRemix ‘Maverick Rising’ arranged album.

‘House of Peers’, Disgaea 4.

‘Scream’ composed by Bignic. His original work differs slightly from the variant featured and beloved from Lethal League.

Yuri Fukuda and Takashi Nagasaka are the two composers behind Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz.

‘Theory of Beauty’, Yakuza 6. ‘Electric Fountain’, Tekken 6. The two series aren’t related in any way and yet they go so beautifully together ;_;

Metaltool remixed the intro theme of Rockman 8 and many others. Seems they’ve been at this for quite some time, be sure to show some support.

Shovel Knight’s OST brought to you by none other than the god himself, Jake Kaufman, otherwise known as ‘virt’, also the mastermind behind beloved titles such as Shantae and Mighty Switch Force.

Remix of ‘Oppression’ from Cave Story by Akineko.
Arrangement of ‘Tyrant’ from the 3DS version of the same game by one talented Danny Baranowsky, whom you may also recognize from his work in Super Meat Boy or Crypt of the NecroDancer.

I do not own any of the music featured in this video.

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Comment (145)

  1. "We're thinking alike now."

    Johnny saw that co-invader knew this. Johnny took a risk, letting the phantom through the flank (not before throwing a few hits their way, hoping that co-invader notices the danger). Johnny came from above. Johnny said "lemme smash, please". Phantom let Johnny smash. Johnny.

    Co-invader may not have known Johnny. Johnny knew Johnny.

    I don't even know what I'm writing anymore

  2. Wow! Just wow! I am stunned by your skills and storytelling. How come you are not of the most famous soulstubers around here? Congratulations to you and I hope you keep doing this for a long time!

  3. Finally got the chance to watch this, one torturous month later. Absolutely planned to watch day-of, but life has a way of overcomplicating things.
    I digress.
    Excellent form as always, Schwa.
    All this talk of exploiting holes is fogging up my glasses…

  4. Finally got to watch this. Simply brilliant as always. I admire and honestly envy how your spirit is unbroken and your passion is still burning after all those years. Truly inspiring.

  5. Gods, I love the recurring sound effects, like the "TWANG" of the Lifehunt Scythe or even the recurring K.O sound. I finally feel like at this ritual your dark scythe build has just as much depth and complexity as the four sword build. You're really starting to get used to using the spells in tandem with the Scythe and we're even seeing more off-hand scar action.

  6. There's something about these videos that just make my heart race. They're so incredibly exciting and fun. Every encounter could be it's own chapter in a book with incredible detail. The comedy of some of these fights. I cannot wait for Ritual 11.5, Akari. <3

  7. I hope you keep making videos like this, cuz they're awesome! I haven't seen such analytical, in depth dark souls content like this before, it's super captivating to watch. Even if you stray away from the franchise to do other video games I'll keep on watching because of your editing.
    You earned my sub without a doubt, keep up the good work!👍

  8. I have watched all of your Chronicles to this point. Akari and her many adventures have many a time inspired me to make my own playstyle. I love the Corvian Scythe, hexes and the like, so watching your build grow, succeed, and evolve, I simply can not put into mere words… They do not do it justice.

    Is there any chance Akari may go to other far off lands, such as Lordran? I think a whole new experience and adventure may do her some good! New marks, new lessons to teach…

    Either way, I may have to make a build like yours. Not the same, but similar playstyle. I love to keep my enemies on their toes, keep them guessing. I am so used to being a Twink, thinking it made me cool or funny picking on the weak… I need to stop. Become a true invader, not some person who only invades lower levels… so, uhm… mind giving me a lesson? As I am someone who is out of the game, can you give me any recommendations?

  9. Punishing Shield Splitter for damage and to close the distance after spacing! Follow it with a jab to punish a whiff! Repeat Shield Splitter to cover the roll out! Yes!! I mean uhhhh… darn.. sorry you lost….. (Go Brass Knightess!)

  10. “And on top of that, this Darkmoon is fat-rolling” YES! FAT ROLL YOU BEAUTIFUL COSPLAYER! Little known fact, and I’m not even sure if the cosplayer knew this, but the Darkmoon Knightess fat rolls in DS1. Glorious attention to tiny details! I love it!

  11. Trial of Scabbards- Nearing the end of this wonderful episode when suddenly a familiar character arrives to defend her host. If it isn’t the Darkmoon Knightess herself! A cosplayer that actually knows the character! Far too often is my heart broken by fashionless fools disgracing that armor with a Shield of Want and straight sword. The Lady of the Darkmoon does not need a shield for her faith (and rarely seen parry dagger) is her bulwark and straight swords are too simple a tool for the regal Brass Knightess. I haven’t seen the fate of this Darkmoon Sentinel yet but for once I’m not sure who to root for!

  12. I gotta hand it to you, no one else gets me to miss ds3 invasions as much as you do, so i went and revived my sl 60 builds…now im craving to rebuild my sl 90 hunter


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