Dark Souls 3: Lightning Infused Build

A build centered around a wide variety of lightning infused weapons.

Build – https://soulsplanner.com/darksouls3/12450

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  1. Lol the afk guy was the funniest chase i really love ur content man 💛💛💙💜💜💙 im still a dark souls noob so i hope to learn from u senpai btw whats ur ending song i find myself randomly humming the beat sometimes lol

  2. New player here. What's the point of lighting infusion if you don't use miracles? Your damage output would be higher with a normal dex/str/quality build. Lighting infusion is for characters with high faith who want to use melee weapons too

    Edit: let me correct myself: what's the point of leveling faith if you don't use miracles ?


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