Dazar’alor – Music & Ambience (1 hour, 4K, World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth aka BfA)

We have to thank Sam Cardon and David Arkenstone for the most tracks on this video. They are beautiful, I especially like Zuldazar 2C and Zuldazar Bazaar tracks.

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Dazar’alor world was a challenge and a demonstration of development performance for Blizzard. The city is stunning, there are so many things happening there, that I have to ask myself how is this going to affect the players with low spec computers. There is a clear improvement made by Blizzard (it’s actually implemented for a while now, but on this zone is noticeable a lot), they load (at least) 2 types of textures, one for far view (less accurate) and one for closer details.

Dazar’alor is King Rastakhan’s palace in Zuldazar. The Great Seal, in its interior chamber, serves as the Horde’s embassy on Zandalar and includes some portals to each major city and expansions, profession trainers, bank and guild banks, transmogifier and a mission table.
With the damage caused by the Cataclysm, Rastakhan’s palace tilted to the side. However it, like most of the rest of the city, was rebuilt.

Original music from World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Dazar’alor (always marked in the video and accompanied by day & night ambience sound):
00:30 City of Gold H
01:41 City of Gold B
02:58 Zuldazar 2H
04:27 Zuldazar Lament H
05:52 Zuldazar Bazaar 1H
08:23 Zuldazar Lament 2H
10:48 Zuldazar Lament B
12:13 The Tortollan A
14:23 The Tortollan C
16:31 The Tortollan B
18:43 Zuldazar Jungle O
20:19 Zuldazar 1A
21:34 City of Gold D
22:47 Zuldazar Jungle Q
24:20 Zuldazar 2C
25:53 City of Gold A
27:16 Zuldazar 1H
28:31 City of Gold C (Generic name)
29:46 Zuldazar Jungle O
31:22 Zuldazar Jungle Q
32:54 Zuldazar Lament B
34:19 Zuldazar 2H
35:45 City of Gold B
37:08 City of Gold H
38:31 Zuldazar 2C
40:00 Zuldazar Jungle O
41:36 Zuldazar 1A
42:51 City of Gold D (Generic name)
44:04 Zuldazar Jungle Q
45:40 City of Gold A
47:03 Zuldazar 1H
48:15 City of Gold C
49:27 Zuldazar 2C
50:53 Zuldazar Jungle O
52:26 Zuldazar Lament H
53:49 Zuldazar Bazaar 1H
56:17 Zuldazar Bazaar 2H

City of Gold, Zuldazar, Zandalari Lament, The Tortollan A, B and H music is composed by Sam Cardon
The Tortolla C and D are composed by Sam Cardon and Kory McMaster
Zuldazar Jungle, Zuldazar Bazaar themes is composed by David Arkenstone

Main areas from WoW BfA Dazar’alor:
00:32 The Great Seal (General)
03:00 Port of Zandalar
04:50 Banshee’s Wail
05:57 Grand Bazaar
12:20 Little Tortolla (The Steamway)
19:38 Tal’Farrak
21:36 Tal’Aman
24:06 Near The Old Seawall West Entrance
26:55 Hall of Ritual
28:03 Hall of Strength
28:44 Terrace of Crafters
32:48 Near The Royal Armory (outside)
35:14 The Great Seal
37:51 The Golden Throne
40:01 The Sliver
41:45 Zanchul Terrace of the Chosen
46:06 House of Pa’Ku
48:47 Hall of the High Priests
52:13 Kingsmouth River
53:55 The Zocalo Entrance
55:56 Atal’Jani
59:00 Outro (Don’t click!!)

As a Vanilla WoW player, I am capturing the old & new World of Warcraft atmosphere for eternity.

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  2. Children of the Sun, see your time has just begun
    Searching for your ways through adventures every day
    Every day and night, with the Condor in flight
    With all your friends in tow, you search for the City of Gold (Dazar'alor)

  3. Oh my god. I think BfA atmosphere will be similar to Mists of Pandaria,in a good way. Especially in Horde locations. This adventurous atmosphere,and so much new to explore,tortollans,blood trolls,loa,sethraks,and others. From WOTLK my main was human warrior,but in the Battle for Azeroth I will play troll hunter, because of this atmosphere,and beautiful Zandalar.

  4. Wow, some really cool peruvian influences. Really faithful as well.
    It's interesting that the Alliance got the more "grim" atmosphere and the Horde zone looks more light-hearted and adventurous. It's usually the other way around.

  5. Amazing! This is what world of warcraft is for me. Its not getting the best gear, its about enjoying the arts and sound of this amazing game. Nice video man!


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