Deer Hunting Q & A: Should I leave the stand early to move a down doe? (#3QA)

Deer hunting tip from Dr. Grant Woods of Hunters often ask “If you are deer hunting and take a doe, should you get out of the stand to move it?” This video shows how a doe can actually serve as an attractant to get a buck in range.

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  1. Please reply) hey it’s Mallory again I have been wanting a horse for Christmas I like to ride horses to but I really want a deer rifle to I use a AR 15 it’s not really made for hunting do you think a should get a deer rifle for Christmas I have only shot two does

  2. Hey Greg, wish I had the opportunity to hunt on farm land like you, but seeing you and your family harvest these big bucks just drives me more and more. Love this hunting channel keep up the good work

  3. that is exactly how i got my 2nd buck this year. i dropped a doe early in the afternoon and waited and bout 45 minutes later a nice buck came walkin’ through and nudged the doe and that’s when i dropped him too!!


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