DS Arms FN FAL/ SA-58 Scope Mount

DS Arms Extreme Duty Scope Mount for the SA-58/ FN FAL rifle.

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Primary Arms 1-8X SFP ACSS Scope:
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Comment (176)

  1. The problem with their mounts is that the screws strip with as little as 30 in-lb. Now I'm glad that the screws strip before the backing plates, but DSA please address this issue. I just bought 10 screws from you. Harden the plates and then get better screws. I can't have my optic moving around.

  2. I was issued with an FAL way back in the eighties in the Canadian Army. (FN C1A1).
    Absolutely the finest rifle any soldier could hope for.
    Times change and we transitioned to the C7A1 (Colt Canada M16), and I loved that rifle too, but there was nothing like shooting that 7.62 round. Real power and real accuracy.

  3. Nice video; I don't intend to be a pedant, but, the right rail clamp by the ejection port, was the one you had loosened the least – hence you having to tap so much, it seemed in your editing.

  4. I first saw this rifle over at Mindanao during he early 80's. It was assigned to an army private escort. Fired a couple of mags too. This rifle has looks and function…great video!

  5. Sootch
    I thought the Canadian Army carried the L1A1 the same time as the British. That would cover North America. The only continent that did not have a military issuing the FAL is Antarctica. Glad that you also love these rifles. I've been using FALs for over 30 years and love them. DSA makes a great rifle, and they are the most accurate in the industry. It would be great to see FN bring one out for commercial sale in the US.
    God Bless you and keep you in HIS palm.

  6. Sootch, I picked up a custom SA 58 from my friends at DS Arms about 10 years ago. It is a beast with a Vietnam Tiger Striping they did in duracote. I always wanted to mount a scope on it and you convinced me! I received my DSA mount and put a primary arms ACCS scope on it! Can't wait to wring it out! PS: did you ever try to take the bolt apart to remove the extractor on a FAL? I recommend you don't unless you take the DSA Armorer course for the FAL. It takes a special tool and 3 hands to do it. I took the AC with them and we spent 2 of the 8 hour course just doing the extractor for reps. A real PITA! Never take that apart for cleaning. Just FYI….
    Thanks for another great "how to" video!

  7. Great video as usual. It appears the pivot pin split screw is backing up and you may want to check the tension on it. Thank you for all the great reviews.

  8. Don, Great video! Thanks for always giving us just enough, but leaving us wanting just a little more! I think I enjoy the out takes as much as the main video. Only a Humble man isn't afraid of showing his imperfections! God Bless, Heath

  9. Which is a better value of the these three red dot sights: Holosun Paralow HS403GL, Sig Sauer Romeo 5 Compact, or
    Primary Arms MD-ADS Advanced Micro?

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