‘Europe won’t sacrifice Iran deal for US or Israel’ – political analyst

The Israeli Prime Minister is expected in Germany later in the day. Benjamin Netanyahu is on a three-day trip to Europe to drum up support for amendments to the Iran nuclear deal. But he may find it hard going, as European signatories to the agreement are determined to see it rescued, after the US withdrew.

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  1. I have noticed after reading comments on this page that the Israel hasbara troll army has paid this video a visit. So many trolls making pro Israel comments makes it obvious the hasbara troll army is working overtime.

  2. 🙂 לצנים כל העולם שלכם גויים שלא שווים כלום ניסו הגרמנים ניסו להשמיד אותנו במשרפות באירופה עכשיו הם ממנים את אירן כדי שהם ינסו להשמיד אותנו עוד לא למדתם שמי שמתחיל איתנו מאז שעמלק התחיל איתנו מה יהיה גורלו טוב או רע בואו נשאל את הפרעונים את היונים את הרומאים את הפרסים את האשורים את גרמניה וכו כל גוי שקם עלינו לכלותנו הקדוש ברוך הוא מצילנו מידם ועל הגוים נאמר "כאין נגדו, מאפס ותהו נחשב לו" אתם כל הגוים למרות שאתם מליארדים אתם כלום אפילו לא הייתם בתכנית אם הנחש לא היה אונס את חווה לא הייתם בכלל יורדים לעולם עכשיו צריך לקנות פופקורן ולראות את הנקמה שבורא עולם יעשה בכל אומות העולם שפגעו בעם ישראל לדורותיו "ותחזנה ענינו בשובך לציון ברחמים"

  3. They're going after the Iranians like a pack of dogs….their idea of democracy doesn't work for all these countries … just look at the track record …. Israel Nazis it's just repeating over and over again

  4. Israel wants you to kill more people for them, if you don't Bibi'll call you antisemitic!
    Even though all Phoenicians including Palestinians, Jordanians, Lebanese, and practically all Eastern Mediterranean People are Semites.
    According to the NeoZionists, only Israeli Jews are Semites (even though they call themselves…). SOooo, even though you are aware that Israel has a nuclear arsenal, illegally occupies other nations, has a sectarian society, and commits human rights violations on a regular basis; if you not so much as question it, even mention it, you are antisemitic.
    Crimes are crimes, impunity means that law does not exist. Ignoring that fact is the essence of bigotry.

  5. Europe! The Europe did the same deal with Ukraine when they took all weapon and nuke instead of supporting it, finally we saw Russia invasion, but Europe!….. Didn't…. No comments! This is Europe!)

  6. One thing about President Trump …. he never forgets or forgives anyone who tries to cross him … and he already has about zero respect for Canada and the EU anyway.

  7. Gus Putin you should move to the motherland the former Soviet Union. Whose economy is a disaster and their people's are up in arms about their future potential. What is the chief export from Russia? Nothing except political interference in other countries.

  8. Mr potato head is playing a game to show how much influence it has over others. These three turds have already agreed to dump the deal. Because they are already jew owned. This is more bullshit to baffle people and give the false impression that the jew is strong and well liked.

    The best thing Iran could do is unload all of their rockets on tel aviv and wipe the jew off the face of the earth. I seriously doubt anyone but the traitors in DC and these shitbags would really care.

  9. Now it is time to unite couple of nations under the leadership of Russia, Germany and China, abandon the United Nation, it has already proved to be a worthless body failed to resolve any conflict around the world, Build "Solidarity of Nations" under the command of those three countries before it is too late, otherwise those messianic entities will start a WW3 intended to kill billions of innocent people. If Russia and Germany work together, they will of course make a paradigm shift in terms of technological and political advancement in order to balance the power and it is imperative to do soon for the sake of our existence.

  10. Angela Markel you got more potentiality than those men are sitting there, you have the courage to be a world leader, not Theresa May, she is a puppet of USA leadership, she ordered to launch missile based on fake chemical attack propaganda led by USA and IsraHell, now fell into their own trap, Macron as well.

  11. It Seems Like The Israeli Prime Minister Has Some Sort OF Control Over Putin And Europe If Putin Has The Balls To Basically Tell His Best Buddy Benjamin Netanyahu To Back Off And Leave Iran Alone Than There is Going To Be World Peace But As Right Now Putin is A Wimp And Coward. The USA is Already Bankrupt And is On Brink OF Economic Collapse

  12. the point is instead of denuclearization, iran will produce unlimited amount of nuclears! that will endangered earth. this is not political, it is just a simple survival instinct.


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