‘Fighting to love freely’: counterprotesters dwarf white supremacy rally at White House

More than 1,000 counterprotesters gathered near the White House in Washington DC on Sunday to rally against a scheduled Unite the Right rally.  The demonstration was held on the first anniversary of a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that turned violent and led to the death of Heather Heyer
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‘Hell no’: counterprotesters outnumber white supremacists at White House rally ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/aug/12/white-supremacist-rally-unite-the-right-washington-dc

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Comment (489)

  1. This is ridicolous.All this people against some republican??i dont see nazis,i dont see so called "white supremacists".I see only people who see fascists evrywhere,are you stupid??you live in the most tolerant society on earth and still protest against who try to warn you about the real intolerant like muslims?why you dont protest really for women in Iran or in middleeast?damn,some americans are really stupid!All this Trump histeria and people who still think that in USA some minorities is on danger.Minorities in Siria,Saudi arabia,Iran etc are in danger!!wake up fools

  2. What nonsense:
    There’s about 1000 neo nazis in USA and the whole entire world goes nuts over it
    As the joke goes:
    Proud to be black said the black man
    Proud to be asian said the asian man
    Proud to be white said the racist

  3. Why are whites incapable of coexisting? The minute their power structure and privilege is threatened they scream "genocide"? Are they forgetting about the millions of Native Americans and Africans they killed in order to steal land? That's genocide.

  4. Those Nazis are always trying to start another civil war. Imagine if they tried to start one. They’d be wiped out in less than a minute. Don’t piss off real Americans. We are really strong when united and everyone saw it during our civil war.

  5. Why is "white nationalist" and "white supremacist" said in the same breath? they ARE NOT THE SAME! There's a lot of white people who're NOT RACIST and love their country and heritage but JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE WHITE, they're labled racist, any platform used will be automatically disregarded and plotted against. That's pretty unfair of the other "side", especially since they say ALL COLORS ARE EQUAL AND EVERYBODY GETS A SAY…..hypocrites.

  6. They are obviously Nazis and fascists who have time travelled from the 1930s into the present , they probably speak fluent German and Italian, and will time travel back to the past, why is the media not pointing this out, fascists!

  7. Where are the white supremacist's ? I can see all the white haters getting an opinion and thinking it's clever to chant Nazi,  but there's no comments to why they are there, they may be fed up of white hate being the only hate that isn't a crime ? biased media has told us nothing except to pick the side they want you to pick.

  8. "counterprotesters dwarf white supremacy rally at White House" Of course. That is roughly the total number in the US. Perhaps a few more. Assuming they are actually the Neo-Nazis and not just anyone the left disagrees with then these Richard Spenser types never have had any support nor endorsement from anyone but their mothers and from Satan. The torch bearers the eve of Char-ville and these have as much power as my 1962 VW Karmann Ghia with a stock motor. They are as numerous as Anual rapes of Blacks by Whites. Statistically insignificant. So close to zero they actually are. Why doesn't the left stop picking on the asthmatic idiot children and spend their time on productive political efforts ? Don't they have human rights to reduce, diminish, abolish [no wait that is the Rep party] limit, or pervert somewhere ? [for others, not them. Duh !]

  9. Is this over exaggerated ? ( I can see the caption paragraph is)  white supremacist is bad and their not helping anyone if that's what they are and not just a label, but why do you think the counter protesters are there ? freedom ? the 1'000 strong have come out because they are white haters, white haters who can say and do whatever they like without being accused of a crime, now lets see a six minute feature from the other viewpoint, the one showing this band of freaks expressing their vicious white hate, like that girl at the end, bet she goes back to social media and puts her nasty face on, shouting Nazi all the time isn't clever, it has totally destroyed the meaning of the word and it's context.

  10. you realize they want the attention, right?… imagine if no one had bothered to show up and protest the rally… imagine if no national media had bothered to promote the rally… they would've waved their flags, held their rally, and gone home and cried because they didn't get any attention.

  11. 5:38 That sentence pretty much sums up the far left. Maybe if Antifa, BLM, the mainstream media, and progressives actually listened, instead of screaming, they would understand that White Pride does not equal Nazi. In this six-minute video, the term "White Supremacist" was used eleven times.

    I wish people weren't so easily manipulated. I could go on and on about the truth. I could back up everything I say with evidence. I could repeat myself over and over again. However, no one is listening. 5:38

    I am White. I am proud of my White identity and my heritage. If this makes me a racist, supremacist, Nazi… then so be it.

  12. Notice how all of the white ANTIFA supporters are young? Live a little, accumulate interactions with blacks, mature intellectually, move into a black neighborhood, send your children to schools with blacks (if you dare)…and then see how pro mixed-race civilization you are. You are not the first "enlightened", pro mixed-race society, young generation. Most of us older adults thought like you do now, when we were young. And you, too, will be older adults soon… and most of you, like all whites ,of all time, will change your opinions about what a great idea a black/white society is. We"live and learn". Watch.


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