FinalBossTV #166 | Method – Jdotb, Darrie & Mitt | World of Warcraft: MDI Discussion

Bay sits down w/Method’s Jdotb, Darrie & Mittbitt, to discuss the recent World of Warcraft: Legion “Mythic Dungeon Invitational” and the impact that Mythic+ has had on the community.
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• Jdotb

• Darrie

• Mittbitt

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00:02:07 • Guest Introduction
00:18:21 • 2nd Mythic Dungeon Invitational and the Future
00:39:36 • Method and the World 1st Race
00:52:03 • Class/Spec Diversity in Mythic+
01:01:52 • Removal of Gear Swapping’s Impact on Mythic+
01:09:51 • Upcoming New Keystone Affix System
01:19:27 • Mythic Dungeon Gear in Battle for Azeroth

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• Jason Farnham – “Microchip”


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So much of this content would not be possible without you.
▪ Miapow, R4X15, Trofles, Imnotdruish, and Theydrin.

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Comment (56)

  1. The reason people find the brand method to be just not fun is that by being a monopoly you see the name everywhere and that makes it BORING As all HELL.
    Whenever anyone beats a method team that is a good thing as it means someone with fewer resources managed to beat a team with a backing.
    I am not saying method is not good at what they do but what they do is make wow pvp LESS fun to watch and wow PVE Less fun to watch as a person who is just casually interested in watching these things.

    This makes it so if ANY team in ANYTHING beat method i am happy because i do not need to hear that stupid name again.
    What you have made is so you have a professional team claiming to be the best over non-professionals what it makes is a pro and an anti-culture.

    When you win by default when you lose then you really deserve to lose.

  2. BOOOOORINGGGGGG! I’ve been waiting weeks for shaman and with literally every other class covered, I was kind of expecting it. Disappointing timeline. Boring unenthusiastic speakers. Generic commentary.

  3. Nothing against this video at all, but I saw FinalBossTV with a "1" next to it for a new video. I thought to myself "Yeeeeeeessssss! What class is being covering next?! What awesome analysis am I gonna go through with Bay?!" Then I realized it wasn't a Second Pass vid DDDDDDDD: Yea… I had 8 frowns on my face.

  4. I'm not sure how I feel about that Autism comment. Kind of insensitive to generalize like that.

    "I know doing a lot of x is boring, so I must have Autism."

    Autism isn't a Meme, and I hate to see streaming culture treat it that way.

    Other than that, a great video with a great panel!


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