FIRST TIME LISTENING to Chris Stapleton Broken Halos | Reaction

Wassup y’all Quamax aka Qua and today we’ll be reacting to Broken Halos by Chris Stapleton for the first time. Hopefully you enjoy the video and if you do, make sure to like, comment & subscribe for more videos!


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  1. Just found and subbed… I like your style, my friend and I hope you don't mind me asking to check out the Kinks song "Strangers " or maybe "Waterloo Sunset". Anyway, you pretty much can't go wrong with these lads… One of the most underrated and overlooked bands ever!

  2. Great song, but for your first time hearing Chris Stapleton it probably wasn't the best song choice. The reason I'm saying that is because he's way more than just a country music artist. You won't find anyone else with the kind voice he has. This song doesn't come close to showcasing his voice.

  3. Please react to Knocking on heavens door live 1992 in Tokyo by Guns n Roses. I want to see your reaction to Axl´s voice in his best time. I swear you never heard a voice sounding like that. Keep going bro, love your reactions!

  4. Just saying to be fair you should give a listen to Death Row or I Was Wrong audio version by him because those are blues songs. Chris Stapleton might be "classified" as country but this mans music ranges from southern rock, blues, country, r&b you name it. He's written hit songs for Adele, Sheryl Crow and Joss Stone to name a few. Please give those two songs mentioned above a shot.

  5. This is a more traditional country song for Chris but he has a lot more style than that. You should check out some of his other songs like Tennessee whiskey or I was wrong and you will catch more of a country blues vibe.


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