Fishing for Trophy Redband Trout

Going into this trip I knew that the bites were going to be few and far between, but I also knew that there were big fish in the area. Prior to this, my Personal Best Redband Trout was about 22 inches long and had come from the Williamson River. In previous attempts on Klamath Lake I had skunked. My confidence was not super high.

Redband Trout are a specific subspecies of Rainbow Trout of which there are 3 strains. This strain, native to the Klamath Basin can get big, upwards of 10 pounds. Dean, my cohost on the Yaktactics Podcast, targets these fish regularly.

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Gear Used –
New Net – (KastKing Landing Net)
Paddle – (Bending Branches Angler Pro)
PFD – (Kokatat Leviathan)
Kayak – (Feelfree Lure 13.5)

Spinning Set-Up –
KastKing Perigee 2 Twintip Rod – Kodiak 3000 –
Pond Hopper Nation Fishing Team –

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  1. Those are some GORGEOUS trout, what an incredible fishery! Normally trout that get that size are those football shaped triploids, you don't see that shaped trout at that size very often, thanks for sharing the vid Chris!

  2. Awesome catch brother!!! About ten years ago I caught twenty seven trout over twenty inches in Colorado. My biggest was twenty eight inches. It is an awesome feeling to catch something as close to what you find in the stores labeled salmon. Beer batter is your best friend and the best part is you don't have to gut them when they are that big bro!


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