Franklin Armory F17 17 WSM AR-15

Franklin Armory F17 VS4 Gas Piston .17 WSM AR-15

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Comment (161)

  1. like the guy below me said, this thing costs too much. you get an AR 15 for less than this thing that will outperform it just about any day of the week. I was considering a 17HMR semiautomatic, but I realized it would cost practically as much as a SW M&P15 sport 2, or a Savage MSR patrol.

    No way I'm spending that on a rimfire that I can't hunt dear with.

  2. why would you want this over a 556? a 55-77 grain projectile flying around 3000 fps, the guns are cheaper and probably ammo too? I understand why you would want this on a hunting rifle, but why an ar15 style gun?

  3. Congratulations on passing half a million subscribers Sootch! It's because you have awesome content and thank you for taking the time to do it right.

  4. I don't care what Franklin Armory has invested in this project, they are absolutely out of their minds with the pricing on both the rifles and the magazines. Good luck with that.

  5. price doesn't make sense to me. I can buy a bolt gun, and a good glass for that money and still have enough for ammo to kill a few hundred p-dogs outside my house.

  6. The petition to repeal the Hughes Amendment is less than 4,000 signatures away from having 100k. Today is the last day to sign. If you support gun rights or freedom, now is the time to sign. A chance to repeal these antiquated laws will likely not come again in our life time and if this petition fails, it likely means the fate of the Hughes Amendment is sealed, as a second petition seems unlikely to garner the same level of support. We must act now! Please sign this AND make sure you check your Email for the verification email that the website sends.

  7. why make a modern case in rimfire, why not center fire? 17 HMR looks interesting and now have the 17 WSM but both rim fire, just doesn't make sense. why make a cartridge with a built-in design flaw when center fire is a proven advantag.

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