Glock Gen 5 Why Bother?

CORRECTION: The New Marksman Barrel is Hexagonal and not standard Lands and Grooves. Very little info on the Barrel and I was going on a Reputable Source that was incorrect. Thanks

The Glock Gen 5 Pistol Review. Glock Gen 4 was introduced in 2010, so it’s been 7 years since the last major upgrade. Taking most of it’s que’s from the new FBI Contract 17M, the Glock Gen 5 Model 17 & 19 have a lot of upgrades that we’re taking a look at, plus some flaws as well.

Big thanks to Gun Por Deals for sending the pistol for the T&E and their Sponsorship of the channel.

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  1. Always like the reviews. 1 thing ive noticed tho is no one is saying any different about the left side slide catch that Yankee Marshall said was just very sloppy like it was just carved out with a pocket knife.

  2. It's not the gun it's the man behind it. A good marksman can shoot a average gun better than a novice with best trigger, match barrel all the bells and whistles if you got a lot of extra money I guess ? Unless it's a colt python or good old 80's when you could bye a different breed of handguns . In 86 the first time I saw a glock it look cheap compared to the guns at that time. Finally broke down bought a gen 3 works great but I guess I'll never see the beauty of colt 1911 or a Belgium Browning hi power. Hell you could buy a S&W 686 or 629 for 350 bucks . Now forget about it .Keep the humer!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  3. The Marksmen barrel is not land and groove. To quote Glock: The GLOCK Marksman barrel (GMB) features enhanced barrel rifling based on the proven polygonal barrel design which delivers improved accuracy.

    I don't think Glock is now saying you can safely shoot lead. You may want to clarify that with them.

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