‘He told us we don’t need them’: boat tragedy survivor was told not to put on lifejacket

Tia Coleman speaks from hospital after narrowly escaping from the duck boat that sank on Thursday during a storm on Table Rock lake, leaving 17 people dead. Divers recovered the last of the bodies from the wreckage on Friday, including nine members of Coleman’s family. Coleman said the captain told the passengers to not put on their life jackets as waves started to rock the boat
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Survivor of Missouri boat disaster says passengers told not to put on life jackets ► https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jul/20/missouri-mass-casualty-incident-after-tourist-boat-capsizes-on-table-lake

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Comment (71)

  1. Common sense. If the boat is going down then grab the jacket. All those people were idiots for not doing so. If I were on that boat and no one grabbed the jackets then I'm taken all them for myself.

  2. This woman that is all over the news must not be too broken up. She is ALREADY making the morning talk show rounds with her lawyer standing behind her. You KNOW they are already planning to sue for MILLIONS. If I lost my entire family the last thing I would want to seek out is $$$$ and notoriety.. You know RACE is going to be shoved down our throats as well. We are going to hear about this for the next 19 months played over and over and over…

  3. The captain was trying to make ppl feel safe and not scare them. This woman is talking like it’s his fault but it wasn’t. It was their fault for not grabbing a life jacket like wtf?

  4. In my State of Tennessee if you are in a boat on the water you better have a life vest for every person on board. All passengers 12 years of age and under are required to wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket when on the open deck of a recreational boat except when anchored, moored or aground… Every person on that duck boat should have had a life vest the entire time they were on board…

  5. I'm sorry but these people didn't even try to get life jackets and I can't understand that… obviously there was a problem… captains orders or not id be getting a life vest. ESPECIALLY if I had kids with me. I'm not a strong swimmer so I wouldn't stand a chance in choppy waves. Yes the captain was wrong… but when are people going to stop blaming others for their mistakes. If you get in a boat you should have a basic knowledge of what you need to do in an emergency and be ready to to that.

  6. Please think for yourselves in these situations! Even at 9/11 people in the twin towers were told to go back to their desks and perished. Keep your mind free.

  7. Have they released the captains name? He was responsible for the safety of all of the people on the boat. Why not have everyone put on a life jacket? He could have told everyone to reach up, grab a life jacket, put it on and GET OUT!!!! I think he was more worried about saving the boat not the people.

  8. To the people calling a whole boat of people idiots, maybe they were just deferring to who they thought was an experienced captain and things contradicted the captain too fast for them to react. Get off your highhorse


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