Henry Big Boy All-Weather 357 Magnum Lever Action Rifle Review

I do some shooting with the Henry Repeating Arms Big Boy in 357 Magnum, test the accuracy of it, and discuss what I think of it overall.

Shirt link: https://goo.gl/QrjCUG

TruGlo sights: http://amzn.to/2wtS9AG

Weaver scope base: http://amzn.to/2vQGRo4






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  1. I love everything about this rifle except for the way it's loaded. I prefer the side loading style of rifle. I don't know the exact model, but it seems that loading it from the magazine opens it up to dirt, and grime that will effect reliability.

  2. I got to say I like your review. you always do a good job but the accuracy of that rifle is truly terrible. Makes me nervous about buying a Henry now. I guess I will stick to my Marlin 357

  3. my Henry in .357 is definitely my favorite rifle! problem is I bought one of those "pretty" ones. I've banged it around in the woods and killed deer from trees with it. in a way, I'm excited to hand it down to a grand kid some day. (I'm only 33, but whatever grand kid ends up with will obviously be my favorite lol!!!)

  4. Good video
    Would the hammer bounce at 0:31 be something to worry about? There was another slomo shot before that where it also bounces. That just doesnt seem right.

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