How China Became Trump’s Trade Nemesis | NYT News

China’s explosive rise was a shock to the global trading system. For decades, western economies like the U.S. have struggled with the growth of this economic powerhouse.

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  1. On this one I am with Trump. In fact what Trump is asking America to do, China has been doing that from beginning and every time you call their methods unfair they will start using excuses like developing country, bullying, attack on sovereignty. Truth is China has been cheating for a long time. How can any expert in trade relationship can be surprised by the west reaction to it!

  2. Historically, China were far more advanced than any Western country up until the 1700s. It seems only natural that now that their economic and technological capacity can grow to match western countries, that they would retake their position as the most advanced countries in the world very soon !

  3. China is slowly becoming a bigger and bigger threat to the world order, it neither protects its own citizens nor does it abide my international rules. It is a very different country that cannot be understood by just trying to describe it using existing ideas. "Centrally planned economy" just does not describe how China functions as a state… China will have to change at some point, but god knows what happens next

  4. China is only reclaiming its rightful position. The world grossly undermine China's capacity during the last century what they considered as 'humiliation'. Case in point is SE Asia where the post war economic miracle largely driven by industrialists & financiers of Chinese descent creating mass employment and prosperity for the less developed local natives. Baffling that the world didn't see this coming.

  5. The US exchange rate being high is what creates our trade deficit. China intentionally reduces the exchange rate for the yuan to make their goods more attractive abroad. The US dollar is a globally traded currency, many countries peg their currency to ours to maintain financial stability. Our trade partners do not want us to reduce our exchange rate, doing so could lead to retaliations from them.

    This same situation happened two decades ago with Japan, who also had a very low exchange rate to make their exports price competitive. The US and other trade partners of Japan pressured them to appreciate the value of the yen because they stated that Japan's trade surplus was far too high. Japan caved in, and subsequently has undergone extremely low real growth from 1991 to today. Prior to all of this, many people in the US thought that Japan would overtake them economically as well.

    Its believed that China doesn't want to have the same mistake happen to them as befell Japan's lost decade. That's why you see economists or politicians accusing them of exchange rate manipulation. They totally are, but its unlikely that we can force them to stop.

  6. Apparently the "right recipe" of dealing with China to make sure it "plays fair" is just another way of saying the US should stay on "top of international trade food chain". Justified, indeed.

  7. The ONLY reason Chinas economy has grown is because our American companies have shut down, put millions of our own ppl out of work, and shipped the companies overseas because they will work for next to nothing, and work themselves to death! :-/ They abuse their own ppl and yet some of these ppl and politicians act like that is a good thing! 🙁

  8. Walmart is responsible for making them strong Sam Walton was given the keys to Walmart after working in the government for many years he even ran Japanese internment camps as a army officer. Then the corporate masters in the United States gave him the keys to create Walmart those keys being the connections to China. At the same time China was given funding to industrialize their country and fill the shelves of Walmart. Then Sam Walton was able to criss-cross the United States building walmarts in every town running the mom and pops out of business. Thank you globalists!

  9. Trump is the most proactive, pro-American president in decades.
    We sold our self out and its time to make a stand. Bring back our manufacturing base and build this nation again and a plus, it increases our tax base.