How To BAN Scammers! (Scammer Gets Scammed) In Fortnite Save The World Pve

➤Cheapest Fortnite PVE Items,Go to, use code “Eazy” for 8% off..

Send me a screenshot when you’ve used the code!



Ps4 Name EazyMizy.

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  1. Guys if you don't know this if hes editing look down and if you cant edit the floor hes editing it to drop you down if you in the sky, and if he tells you to go to the corner look up if theres a hole and if there is hes gonna Put a Jump pad and you'll go up and it'll bounce you out the base so he can grab it

  2. You’re really dumb, first off this was clickbait, and the trade was all staged; and no fortnite does not have a bot that records your every move. He’s just saying that to make it more believeable you’re the worst fucking YouTube ever

  3. That website that sells things tells you youtubers to use a code so they know if they scam or not scam. Like if they use a code it’s obviously a fan from a youtuber and they’re never going to scam that person.


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