Huge White Bass While Crappie Fishing At The Dam!!!

That was a real nice fish!

Camera Gear:
*Iphone 7 –
*Dslr For Video and Pics Nikon D3100 –
*Updated version of my dslr Nikon D3400 –
*Gopro Hero –
*Gopro Hero Plus LCD –
*Video Camera Canon VIXIA HF R700 –
*External Hard Drive to store videos –
*Sandisk 32gb Micro Sd card for GoPro –
*Sandisk 32gb SD Card for DSLR camera –
*GoPro Accesory Kit –
*GoPro Jaws Clamp –
*External Battery to keep Gopro Charged on the boat –
*iPhone Tripod Mount –
*Diagonal Clamp Car Holder –

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  1. Awesome video bro I'm going subscribe please return the favor and check out my YouTube channel it's called goubert outdoors please let me know what you think and if you don't mind please like an subscribe

  2. From Ohio BroMan I love them white bass to I go up to Fremont Ohio week or so after Mother's Day fish the Sandusky River for white bass and the walleye run love it FISHON BroMan

  3. Up north where i live we icefish got some lakes im just chomping at the bit to get after my favorite fish CRAPPIE!!!! Thankyou for taking me along fellahs but youre not helping the fever catching all those slabs!!! Atb Russ.

  4. Good video I like to see father and sons having good times together. I do have a question, why do you like the rear seated rods with the automatic fly reel? I would think if you got a mid seat rod and used a spinning reel you could reel your fish up instead of handlining them in. Just a question though I've been wondering y'all keep it up and Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Hi Its A Crappie Life, that was a nice video. And that was a nice mess of fishes too. You and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving too. Take care and Stay Safe and warm.


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