Keeping the 2nd Amendment Strong!

Keeping the 2nd Amendment Strong! Taking 1st Time shooters to the range is a great way to inspire an interest in firearms and to bring them into the fold of protecting the 2nd Amendment.

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  1. Great video we need to get new shooters involved to keep the 2nd amendment alive, also to teach people the importance of firearms and how to respect them. Thanks sootch00!

  2. I agree very much with your suggestion and will encouraging non-shooters to join me at the range and experience the joy of shooting. If we could only make it a required subject in school, late elementary or middle school, there would be a lot less accidents. Great video and great message to the rest of us to help others. Thanks

  3. You are right on bro!! It's fun, it's our right, and I like helping people to learn about protection. I learn a lot from you and share what I can.

  4. good point about gaming getting people into guns. back in the day before games you pretty much had to have a parent that got you gun magazines or owned guns themselves and got the kid into guns but now like 80%+ of Americans age 10-20 have played games like call of duty and battlefield which has exposed them to different types of guns based on real guns which gets them interested in those real guns to a point where they may watch youtube videos about the real guns that they saw in the game and if its a type them or their parents can own then they may try to get into shooting.

  5. Funny how the gun channel community preaches all your BS and stay silent on the Philando Castille murder. You should stop telling people to concealed carry and love the NRA crap when you nor them will stand up for you when you become a law abiding victim.

  6. Hear! Hear! Take folks shooting, and let them have fun. Don't mention politics, don't use silhouette targets, and pay for everything.

  7. I purchased my first gun last year (Sig 1911 .45cal), and since then have purchased 2 more pistols and an AR which I've done a lot of mods to. Thanks to you and your videos, I've learned SO much on shooting techniques and just general firearms knowledge. I've gone through my CCW course and now have my permit (KS permet but is a CC state), and carry everywhere I go outside of work. I FINALLY talked my mother into going to the range with me, she HATED guns, and she instantly fell in love with shooting and had an absolute blast. My parents now own a FNS .40 as a personal defense weapon for their home, and I get them to train on it regularly so they're proficient with it incase of a home evasion.

    I praise guys like you who take their time out of their daily lives to produce education like this for guys like me who are always wanting to learn more, and to protect the rights we have in our country. Long time fan, and much love for what you do for us!!

  8. I'm thinking 4plus yrs from know. after Trump's term is up he most likely won't get elected again. I feel the Republicans are going to see many many yrs of damage control after Trump, leaving the door wide open for Democrats to take over and ruin 2nd amendment right.

  9. I didn't care to own one until my brother gave me a XD9. Now I own CZ75, AR-15 and SBR. My wife and I enjoy going to the range.

  10. Liberals got into state and local government and must be stopped. States are getting way too much power and pretty soon you have California everywhere. STOP IT NOW!

  11. You are so right. I don't push it, but love to take friends to the range. I also go thru safety at home before going to the range. All shooters need to more people involved with guns. They will become pro gun.

  12. Man…. I am all for practical application. Being a Marine I see one glaring problem with firearm sales in this country. Issuing a firearm to anyone without putting them through a thorough, say three day weapon training course. Maybe less than $100. Emphasis on the history of firearm types and relation to caliber. Because people are so ignorant when they purchase a firearm. I didn't say dumb they just don't know because of the many options and confusing talk like 9mm vs 30 caliber vs 30/06. Reminds me of car engines. 308 vs 5.0 liter vs 6 cylinder. Just confusing. Also like you point out; Practical application with pistols and rifles at a range dry firing and live firing with instructors that are there to help anyone that wants to learn no matter their knowledge of firearms. For some reason its OK to sell a pistol to anyone and they aren't licensed to carry it. I lived for three years in Japan it cost almost four thousand US dollars to obtain a Japanese driver license and they are great drivers and very predictable. NOT SO WITH AMERICANS….. Love your channel scootch keep up the good work.

  13. Yep bought my first gun at 31 after watching lots of youtube firearms enthusiasts. Had shot a lot as a child, just circumstances took away those opportunities. Glad to have them back.

  14. Amen on that. England is a perfect example how that country is suffering from Terrorist attacks and their own citizens cannot protect themselves let alone the police. Is it just me that's bothered when British Law Enforcement tells everyone to Run & Hide? Really? Are you kidding me? That just made me sick when I heard that. Sorry, but when someone tries to stab me, or kill me, I'm not going to run and hide. I'm going to defend myself and others in the public. What the hell is wrong with people. England wouldn't be a part of the free world if they RAN & HIDE when Hitler was trying to take over. Have they forgotten that? So glad we have the right to be able to arm ourselves and fight back.

  15. I bet the sheep in London wish they had our rights…40 years in US Military and Law Enforcement taught me long ago that my family's self defense is MY responsibility. I carry 24/7, even while mowing the lawn or praying in church. I live my life with the words of John Book, from the "Shootist". "I will not be trifled with nor be disrespected and I will not be laid hands upon. I don't do these things to others and I expect the same from them". Great words to live by….

  16. gaming defiantly help get me into guns as well as my father and great grandfather and with proper guidance and support I am now a (as I see) competent gun owner (to the point where I could call my self a ammo -sexual or a munitionphile or just a gun guy) I am not a expert but id say I know more about guns then you General millennial (if being born in '93 counts) keep up then good work sootch00!

  17. Good video Sootch!! I was planning on taking out my sister-in-law, and Abby ch of my nieces and nephews shooting Memorial Day weekend!! Didn't think it through too much because all the ranges were closed on Memorial Day. Good tip on the .22, because my smallest caliber pistol is a 9mm. Now I might have to go buy a .22 pistol "for my friends and family". ; )

  18. i have been pro gun my whole life not because of games but just because i like them. then i REALLY became pro gun when i got my first .22 bolt action when i was 13 and thats how my addiction started. ps everyone should get an nra membership!

  19. About 2 years ago I had a class where one of the students had his mom drive him in, he was taking the class, his mom just hanging so she can drive him home. She was a big anti-gun person, an Obama and Clinton support, and was a pain in the butt all day. After all was done and I am signing their certifications he, the son came to me and stated his mom wanted to talk to me. With caution I reluctantly approached her not knowing what to expect. Well I was shocked when she asked to fire a few girearms,

  20. Very Very Good video,..You are 100% correct. At 12 my dad allowed me to buy a Benjamin .177 cal air rifle, After 3 days of safety class and shooting and after more safety talk and going out with my dad i was allowed to shoot by myself. I have loved shooting ever since. Get New people involved and start small and make it safe and fun. Safety first! I don't have my Benjamin anymore but i still very much enjoy shooting. Thank You again for such a good video.

  21. In Indiana we have youth 4H programs and one of them is shooting sports. My kids have enjoyed it and it got me back into shooting again after I got into firearms from 4H shooting sports as a youth.

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