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Donations go directly towards bettering the channel as a whole they aren’t for the stream itself. Please keep this in mind when donating. They help with artworks, designs, animations and more. Donations are completely optional and watching the stream is more than enough support.

Top Monthly Donator:
● May: ValBae: $100
● June: ValBae: $100
● July: ValBae: $100
● August: TheCloudStrike: $200
● September: TheCloudStrike: $100
● October: MeerPower: $50
● November

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Stream Rules:
● No advertising
● No links in main chat
● No large walls of text
● No harassing (of any nature)
● No racism
● No spam
Any of these can result in a timeout and or banning

● Thumbnail: (Artist decided to take down their artwork link)
● Animation:

● Copyright Issues:

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