NBA 2K19 vs NBA LIVE 19! MUST SEE Before Buying

NBA 2k19 vs NBA Live 19 epic must see! Should 2k be worried about the improvements in Live 19? Which game are you buying?
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  1. Lives problem is.lack of franchise u can't even fire ur coach or have a staff it needs a bigger franchise In better movement with them stiff player movement that's lives problems.

  2. Bruh, I don’t know if I can give 2k a pass for 18 with the MTXs just OD, then your skills were hindered to much for every type, the server all the damn time, they didn’t put any effort into 2k18, I swear they threw some ish together and pretty much said pay for these haircuts and customizations for everything. Mannnn. The shit was tough honestly

  3. These graphics don't mean shit when you play a match. I don't give a shit about the sweat detail on the forehead, I care about the my AI team mates not being idiots, I care about collisions, I care about realistic interaction between players and so on.

  4. You said it yourself
    NBA LIVE 19 is wowwing us wow 2k is just showing us stuff we already seen before like you said we getting interested with the stuff LIVE is dropping and 2k not living up to their standards

  5. Live is fuckin trash, always has been and always will be. I already have 2k pre-orderd. Anyone who cops live instead of 2k, either doesn't know shit about basketball and just chose live because of "better graphics", or is too broke to pay for micro transactions.

  6. I personally like live better then 2k, they keep improving every year. Both the story modes are ass, they should just keep it simple and add custom shoe making again. I loved that in 2k14. As for the wnba? Who tf watches that🤔 oh and i hate micro-transactions, even tho ea is known for that, they don’t shove it down your throat like 2k. Plus i love the arcade feel, i mostly play fighting games so it’s natural

  7. 2k should do what madden does where you can pick if you want to be first pick, last pick, or undrafted and have different storylines for each one, that would be lit asf🔥🔥

  8. I’m getting both but I’m getting live on the 7 I’m done giving 2k my money I felt hustled by 2k18 period I honestly don’t play that game unless two of my friends are on my career sucks my league/Gm sucks and is buggy as fuck I don’t rock with my team cause I ain’t giving 2k every dollar I own it’s just bad man

  9. The funny thing is last yr b4 live 18 and 2k18 came out everybody thought live was gotta blow 2k out the water….then couple months later i never heard nobody said anything else about live anymore….that shows that the hype for live never continue to stay alive after it comes out any more so again this yr im going with 2k because its still better and no matter what live will never be better then 2k now because they f*** that up when live 16 came out and that was the end of live….so they might as well kill the franchise now while they can cause they wasting there time still tryna compete with 2k and they know who will always win lol

  10. Live 19 going to be better then nba 2k19. Nba 2k19 is just nba 2k18 3.0 but the game going to be broke after the first patch like every year so
    I’m going to get 2k when it’s on sale for like 20 dollar not worth 60


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