New FDE Grip Frame for Honor Guard 9mm Pistol

The Honor Defense “Honor Guard” FDE Modular Grip Frame.

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  1. i own it, friend owns shield, other friend pps, another with xds. if you already own one of the compact single stacks and it works etc. there's nothing about this gun that warrants buying it. If you are looking to get your first "compact single stack" however, this is the best of all of them. it's just that the little touches only give it a slight edge over the rest. i do think it's easier to be accurate with this over the shield but it's also only slightly. if you're looking for something in this class i say this one over the rest, pps m2 after that, then the shield, the rest aren't all that great glock 43 included.

  2. I'm going to give Gary Ramey thumbs up I dealt with him on this pistol and I may have overreacted at a certain time I was very honest about what happened with me 100% but I think with him working with veterans and doing this to bring something to the market that it needed was a very Noble thing and take into account that he combined the M&P and the Sig 320 and then some and the gun looks better than both of those other guns in my opinion the Sig Sauer is very nice but it is kind of bulky so for a concealed carry I think this is one of the best looking ones out there still and it's one of the only guns I still think about that I used to have normally if I don't like something anymore I get over it this one just eats at me because it shot very well for what it was at that price point

  3. I'm going to be totally honest I ran this pistol to death when I had it the guide rod is the downfall not that it's really that bad tonight I just got the itch to get another one I don't know why maybe I quickly grew not to like the customer service I think they were good customer service as far as the item but I did feel they were a little bit rude with me and forced me to pay to ship my gun when I felt they should have covered the shipping I can look past that I want the 3.8 inch model and a Flat Dark Earth 3.2 since I had the honor guard I have moved on to way bigger and better pieces but when I think back to what was the most comfortable to carry this was it the grip frame is already pre stippled and very uniformed and every time I shot it it went thing there was only a couple of issues in 1500 rounds or so that I put through mine we also had another one we were using for a while my brother has over 5000 rounds through that gun with less failures than you can count on one hand it is it Reliable Gun realistically and it is well done and offers a nice package for a nice price I would say at $350 you are winning it is better than an M&P Shield it is not built better than M&P Shield if that makes sense if we're talking features it has the slide serrations which really make it nice the grip frame which really makes it nice but the overall concept is awesome because you can replace the grip frame if you need to why they haven't put those out yet I don't know but I was told when I had mine that they were going to sell grip frame separately

  4. I bought one about 4 months ago. Initially out of the box I had trouble with the slide stripping the round. After about 5 minutes of working the follower on the magazine, the gun fired very well. I put 200 rounds through it that day without any further incidents. Since then, I've put about 500 through it without incident. It is now my concealed carry pistol. I'm glad I saw this video because I'm going to buy the OD frame. I didn't see the FIST frame in the On-line store.

  5. I could see Honor Guard eventually coming out with a lot of different colors like Sccy has,,they would probably get a good chunk of the female ccw market.The difference with Sccy is that a person has to buy the entire gun.I think HG will get a lot more attention now with this option.

  6. About 3 months ago, I purchased the FIST version (I was on a FiST team in the military). I will be picking up the standard compact frame (leaning toward the OD green). They also sell the long slide version that will slide on . I did find that the magazine finger extension that fits on the Shield pistol magazines also fits on the magazine for the Honor Guard.

  7. What is it that I don't like about a Logo on the slide I can see from orbit? Wow, answered my own question. That is plain tacky. I am sure it is a good gun, but boy oh boy, not taste. I'll stick with my SIG P250 thank you. But as usual Sootch00, a great review as usual.

  8. I think this is the best looking of all the guns in its price range. I have no idea how they shoot but I expect that it has to be one of the easiest guns in the world to clean.

  9. The video game says "play me". Face it on a level but it takes you every time on a one on one… Feeling running down your spine, nothin gonna save your one last dime 'cause it owns you… through and through. The databank knows my number. Says I gotta pay 'cause I made the grade last year, feel it when I turn the screw… kicks you around the world. there aint a thing that it cant do… Do to you… WHO MADE WHO, WHO MADE YOU. WHO MADE WHO, AINT NOBODY TOLD YOU.

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