New Gen5 Glock 17 Test & Review: Perfection?

I head to the range with the new Generation 5 G17 and test the reliability, accuracy, and go over what I think of it overall.

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  1. The Gen5 & "M" model is different than the pistol Glock submitted for the military trials, mostly the pistol frame and manual safety.

    It seems those Glock plastic sights are manufactured to terribly loose tolerances. I've installed night sighs for people who've had to have the standard rear sight to the point of hanging off the frame. Night sighs installed dead center and it was POA/POI, as it should be. Glock needs to get rid of the plastic sights, they're usually replaced anyway by people who use their pistol. Those plastic sights have absolutely no business being on a carry pistol.

    Nice review, good to see the new model function properly. Good to see Glock go back to a darker slide finish, the ion bond is a huge plus!

  2. Cool video man. Think I'll pass on this one for now. Saw your CZ Scorpion video the other day and I was wondering if you had tested it out again to see what was up with the accuracy issues? Just picked one of those up but haven't had a chance to shoot it yet because we're still pretty well flooded in here in Houston.

  3. the Military is now regretting the choice they made with the p320 and all the glitches and bugs they are now finding,,they should have completed all the tests (required) before making their decision on a service pistol for our troops it was the only right and fair thing to do!!! they chose not to do it just to save money,-our soldiers lives are worth more to me and many others in this country to make sure they have the best possible equipment in the field that's why these tests are required but not all the tests were completed and that's already been admitted by the Military officials and is evident is some of the failures with the p320 that are now starting to surface,, now how to fix this? > go back and redo all the tests required from start to finish then make a decision-its that simple!!!

  4. I know it wont effect the performance of this pistol? but the high visibility follower will get very dirty and smoky and will never clean up the way it looked when it was new thus? when you look at your mags or when the mag is in the gun will look crudy and appear as tho you haven't cleaned your pistol, I have some other pistols that have these high visibility followers like my Taurus pistols have a yellow one and they look really bad after a few hundred rounds and can never get them 100% clean again but I left them in my Taurus pistols anyway but I will change to the black followers if that's a possibility in the newer gen 5 Glocks?

  5. Well done. Agreed on everything you said. I don't see ground breaking changes over gen 2 or 3. I do like the rifled barrel, but the larger locking lug on the 17 barrel is a joke. Another one to stick it to the consumer .

  6. I'm sorry but the checkering on the front and back strap in the gen3 let's the meat of your hand sink in giving you a way better grip. The gen4 rubs my belly raw and i can twist the gen 4 out of my hand way more easy then the gen3. Give me a gen3 grip with no finger grooves and maybe a form of the same checkering on the sides

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