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The Sootch Gear “Long Live the Republic” T-Shirts are back plus we’ve added a new Shirt to the line up. T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Tees, Hoodies and Coffee Mugs available at:

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  1. @Sootch00 – VERY NICE. Going to order two for my nephew and I. Also, could you do a review of Sig Sauer P320 X-5? Not like I can own one here in Kalifornia, but hey, I can drool from a distance?

  2. Hey sootch I'm looking at getting one of you hoodies, I cant find a size guide so please can you tell me what the chest measurements for the L,XL and the 2XL are. Many thanks

  3. Gonna have to check out your tee shirt. I love watching your reviews and your YouTube channel! I just pledged to your account on Patreon. Keep up the good work Sootch!

  4. I wore my LLTR shirt to a gun show and got several compliments. One was from a vendor who came from two rows over to say he's glad to see somebody that knows we are not a democracy.

  5. Hi sootch! Absolutely love your videos in your reviews, could you please do one on the FN 5.7 or 28 pistol please? I have seen many other videos on his gun but I want to get your take on it

  6. I would REALLY like one of your shirts bud but they don't carry my size… 4X! In my case, it would be nice if Teespring would support the "big guy" as well as the little ones =).

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