NRA Carry Guard Expo Aug 25 27 Milwaukee WI

NRA Carry Guard Expo in Milwaukee, WI August 25-27 2017. I’ll be at the Wheaton Arms Booth 1119 from 1-2pm All three days. Come by and say hello!

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  1. Hey, Sootch…a little of topic here, but how about a review of the Ruger redhawk round butt in 45 colt/45acp? I may be the only one that wants one, but I'd love to hear what u think.

  2. There are many fine organizations that offer this service but as an NRA member and Basic Pistol Instructor I am going with Carry Guard. It's easier to have all my gun stuff with one provider and no one is MORE qualified than NRA to take care of me! Many of us have been asking NRA to do this very thing for years! THANK YOU NRA for everything you do for gun owners, for our Second Amendment rights, and for our legal protection when needed.

  3. 200th like! And i cant make it. Not mad but next time more of a heads up please!! Would love to meet ya and shake your hand. You are the one that got me into prepping and was a persuasion on buying my kel tec sub 2000.

  4. I was inspired to join the NRA right after your last video on the subject. I think you definitely inspire people to get in the fight. Like you've said, we need members now more than ever. I wish more people understood why and the importance of keeping our Second amendment rights. That alone would make a good video in itself (easier said than done). If they only knew the work it takes just to make these videos. I appreciate your work.

  5. "fighting for your 2A right" – code for send me your money so I can hang out with the fat cats in DC.
    time for "fighting" is over, time for WINNING is NOW

  6. right…Wheaton Arms…the guy that doesn't make the products that he says nor does he respond to emails about them…I wouldn't buy a thing from him or his company

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