Pope Francis Protested In Ireland Amid Church Sex Abuse Scandal | NBC Nightly News

As Pope Francis completed his trip to Ireland, a former Vatican ambassador to the United States claimed the pope knew of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s abuse and did nothing about it.
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Pope Francis Protested In Ireland Amid Church Sex Abuse Scandal | NBC Nightly News

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Comment (262)

  1. Why is the Catholic (White) Church always seem to be under attack with charges of abuse etc. I'm sure the same sort of crimes go on in Synagogues and Mosques. Never a peep about those bastions of righteousness!! Everything and anything white these days is under the cosh!!

  2. Take all the church money and assets and give it to the abused people. Its only fair isnt it? Enough already. Jail time needs to be given to all child abusers. Child abuse is a mental sickness and cant be cured. These extremely bad people violate children in their minds before acting out on the innocent children.
    The pope is the head of the serpent and he is truly evil. He is guilty of abuse by doing nothing. There may be some good people in the RC church but the institution has failed and really needs to be shut down. I suspect the other faiths are no different. Religion is not what it is supposed to be. Wake up and take action against the child abusers.

  3. In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit … Peter the Roman, (Pope Francis) who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations: and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible judge will judge his people. The End.

  4. In light of the most recent developments, I think it would be wise for Pope Francis to please the #metoo movement by taking some courses into sexual abuse. Is Asia Argento ready to give the Pope lessons yet? 🙂

  5. And people attack JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES but think the Catholic church is safe. Many Hippocratic people but they stay quiet about this. Why nit ban the Catholic church? Because it's a corrupted society.

  6. Pope Francis you are God's servant on earth start acting like it. Fight the homosexual mafia of predatory priests in the Church and start showing compassion for their victims. Asking for forgiveness is just empty words. Punish the criminal abusive clerics instead of protecting them. Stop giving the Church your money it is the only way to reform the lying clergy. SILENT NO MORE.

  7. Thousands of lives ruined by these 'men of the cloth' at least in the developed nations some of their abuses can be held to account, but I shudder to think of the horrific abuse that must be taking place against children in third world countries where Christian preachers are held in such a high esteem and not checked.


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