Preparing For A Hurricane: What Gear You Need To Be Ready! (4k)

I discuss and display the items you may want to look at if a hurricane or other natural disaster is headed your way.

Links to the items discussed (in order):

Coleman 5 gallon jug:
Sawyer water filter:
Lifestraw personal water filter:
Aquamira straw water filter:
Lifestraw family filter:
Coleman solar shower:
Anker solar charger:
Midland crank radio:
Goal Zero 400 power station:
Goal Zero 150 power station:
Pampers baby wipes:
120 tea candles:
Streamlight ProTac HL headlamp:
Olight H2R 2300 lumen light:
Mountain House Essentials bucket:
CAT tourniquet:

Shirt link:

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  1. Just a heads up, I live in Florida just north of Tampa, all water is gone, no gun or ammo sales allowed once potus declares your area is in state of emergency. Do not wait ever! Everything is gone! No batteries, flashlights, candles, etc. No water containers, rain gear, canned goods all gone! Hope everyone will be safe and be careful during the hurricane where ever she winds up!

  2. Good video. Too little too late for Irma i think, but its good for when people have another one in the future….

    Not that i have to worry about this in Michigan. Irma will just be a nice gentle cool fall weather by the time it hits us

  3. Why wait for an evac order? If your gut tells you that it is going to be a serious deal, you would have a much better chance of securing your valuables and family into your vehicle and safely leaving the area before the crowds of last-minute panic-stricken environment (never works out well )

  4. I believe you forgot to mention water and food for your animals. I have a 70 pound chocolate lab, she'd be pretty angry with me if I forgot her food and water. Great video!

  5. That Sawyer filter only filters down to 1 micron which will easily take care of most (not all but most), bacteria but most viruses are smaller than that so it's still a good idea boil the water first and only drink directly from contaminated water as a last resort.

  6. liquids, food, clothing, toothbrush/paste, & footwear that dries out quick but not scandals. have energy & stay mobile. cell + solar charger helps also

  7. Take Care Be Safe here in Raleigh area stores and gas stations have been busier than normal. Food Lions selling IGLOO coolers for 1$ thats cheaper than the stryafoam ones. God Speed!

  8. As a person who lived through Hurricane Kitrina and Rita. Water, Food, Ammo Weapons and a good radio that is solar powered. Also a life straw you can get for like $20.00 is good also.

  9. I'd just like to add the Sawyers will only filter biologicals. If flooding brings water into contact with vehicles, houses, garden sheds, etc.. that water will be contaminated with petroleum and byproducts, household chemicals, insecticides and herbicides. These are things for which the Sawyer products are not rated. Keep that in mind.

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