President Donald Trump’s Bizarre Obsession With Birds | All In | MSNBC

Donald Trump hates windmills but not because some were erected near his golf course.
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President Donald Trump’s Bizarre Obsession With Birds | All In | MSNBC

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  3. I guess he’ll be knocking down the windmills next. Just a few year he said he hate the way they look around his gulf resort. Nice try pretending you care about the birds, when most of us know you only care about yourself!😉

  4. Sounds like Trump doesn't actually speak to his own Energy Secretary, Rick Perry, former governor of Texas. Texas generates 15% of its energy from windmills, the most wind energy in the US. It's doubtful that Perry hates windmills as much as Trump.

  5. Trump is so transparently easy to figure out. Wind generators are often put up near golf courses. Trump golfs, therefore hates them, and seeks facts that corroborate his view that wind turbines shouldn't exist. It doesn't matter if the mass killing of birds is a myth. All that matters is that it plays into Trump's hatred of wind power generators.


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