Professions Overview: Battle for Azeroth – World of Warcraft Casual Gold

Professions in the upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion seem pretty complete, so let’s take a look!
This profession guide brushes on what some of the more profitable professions to go for, including a few wins and disappointments. I also give speculation on what the likely behavior of players will be with their particular professions and how the market will respond!
The guide doesn’t go too deep into specifics but it covers all the marketable professions: Gathering professions (herbalism, skinning, mining), Armor professions (Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Leatherworking), Consumables (Alchemy, Inscription, Cooking, Fishing) and enhancements (Enchanting, Jewelcrafting)

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Comment (146)

  1. Which profession is the laziest to make a good amount of gold? i just want to pay tokens and buy good mounts, nothing insane. I'll be using 2 chars and i was thinking on get mining and herb in one and alchemy and JC on the other one, but i heard a lot about inscription so i dont know yet. Any tips for a lazy farmer would be nice! ;D

  2. I was engineering but switched to inscription when I found out about the contracts. As someone who doesnt get to play much I cant tell you how much I hate rep grind. If push comes to shove I can buy wow tokens, buy herbs, mill, and make a ton of contracts and get past the gated content fairly quickly. On the flip side getting past the gated content quickly means faster access to the better gear and having the advantage in warmode. Im really counting on making a ton of cash on contracts and scrolls like you said.

  3. Im curious to see just how far they go with engineering. The ability to create mounts once again as well as that azerite addition may cause in spike in engineer creation. That will in turn spike mining which should be a nice thing to keep an eye on.

  4. the only game (I have played) that has done professions right is Star Wars the Old Republic. being able to craft gear/items that are better than what you can get from your quest line but also make better gear than what you would find in your current level dungeons. finding a simple shit item and reverse engineering it into an epic item if you were able to take the time and had the mats for it was the best thing I had seen and ever since then I have laughed at the stupidity of wow gear professions. again this is the only game "I" have played with this system. I'm sure other games make there professions more useful than wow does.

  5. Im doing Skin / LW on my main and my alt hunter I was thinking herb/alch. This video makes me want to do Double gather on him though. Any Thoughts? I will pretty much only be playing these 2 characters. I also do like farming/grinding (killing mobs and chasing nodes)

  6. Remember when people ACTUALLY wanted glyphs , then Bliz took away our income and gave people glyphs. How about when you made a piece of armor and it was worth the effort grabbing materials to actually make it and make money, then Bliz made better gear than you could make. Seems like Bliz just dont want you making anything at all. They should open a SuperStore in every capital where you can go and just buy the stuff you need/want.

  7. Smells a lot like Professions will be getting an Azerite fusion type thing in future patches for "catch up gear" like Obliterum was. There's absolutely no way Blizzard is shipping out a game this simple, it' just not logically possible. I think their new directive is to make as stable an initial patch as they possibly can at first, release it, then continue working on the rest of the expansion. Rather than already having a shitload of assets developed, they're just releasing the most stable bite sized pieces that are able at a time…hopefully

  8. hey man, will i lose out on key recipes if i run double gatherer and then switch to crafter like 1 week in to the expac? thinking of running herbalism + skin/mine and then switching to alch/inscription or keeping herbalism. Like, if i run double gatherer will i fall behind those that start out as herb + alch for example, even if i save my mats for when i switch over?

  9. I'm pretty lousy (and lazy) at making money off crafting professions. I went double gathering on all but one of my toons (herb & alchemy) and it's just easier. Gather and sell. Simple pimple.

  10. So, If i have 800 BS and 800 Tailor on my chars right now, After BFA launches, i will get 80/80 for every xpac (for both Tailor and BS) and it wouldn't be necessary to lvl them up or it will be 0/80?

  11. As long as LW and JC is the same as its been in Legion, aka crafted gear ppl can use on max level im happy 🙂 LW has made me at least 5-10 mil in legion, granted a lot comes from older recipes too.

  12. My opinion on gear from professions is this: Either make it the best gear in the game but very difficult to craft and gather materials for; or make it entirely for cosmetic sets. This way it’s not immediately irrelevant as soon as people hit max level.


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