Rob Goldstone: I Thought Only Donald Trump Jr. Would Read Email | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Rob Goldstone, the music publicist who helped arrange the 2016 Trump Tower meeting between campaign officials and a Russian lawyer, joins Morning Joe to discuss the meeting and his new book.
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Rob Goldstone: I Thought Only Donald Trump Jr. Would Read Email | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Comment (316)

  1. The issue here is that these imbeciles denied, then lied about the reasons, then, attacked Hillary, then admitted, then attacked Hillary, then said it wasn't illegal… They use that same tactic on everything. That;s why the investigation took so long.

  2. This just does not make any sense. So Goldstone did what Agalarov told him and sent an email to tell Donny Jr. to say that the Russians, as part of their operation to illegally assist Trump, wanted to meet with him and Kuschner and Manafort at Trump's home despite Goldstone not really believing that there was such a thing as an active Russian operation to help Trump's campaign, and subsequently, everyone responded to this request for the meeting as if they were well aware of this Russian operation, despite not already knowing about it. And they all sat there and listened for 20-25 minutes to a talk about lifting sanctions IN EXCHANGE FOR THE PROMISE OF NOTHING!

    It's clear enough that Goldstone is trying to minimize his roll in all of this, and I guess no one should expect anything more from someone who knew what he was up to when he typed out that email and showed up and sat through that meeting.

  3. Trump hinted on campaign that big news was coming (right before date of the meeting). He ultimately brought up nothing. Attempt to collude is still illegal. Lying about is obstruction

  4. So as a professional publicist, he puffs up the email to capture Don Jr.'s attention, and yet he didn't think anything would come of it, it didn't mean much, blah, blah, didn't think anyone would read it. Give me an effing break. This snake oil salesman knew exactly what he was doing, for whom and why. He was paid well for that email.

  5. Summary: An affable opportunist (Goldstone) meets up with a group of slimey, greedy opportunists, who then want to find out how to take advantage of each other and then are shocked that they are all a bunch of empty people. These are the people the president is surrounded by!!

  6. Ad hominem incoming; Look at this man. Fat, unbuttoned shirt, cheesy necklace, ill fitted suit. No wonder he was working with the Trumps. No class always attract now class.

  7. This guy seems like a former mafia informer reemerging from witness relocation. Only reason he's popping his head above water is because his information has no value once Manafort coughs up at the Muller enquiry…. "i believe he was" at the meeting…. "my recollection"…. "I'm not sure"…. he's as reliable as a ….well….. mafia informer!

  8. This spin doctor purports to be ignorant or unwilling to take seriously the mountain of corroborating evidence showing that Russia was actively attempting to throw the election to Trump. This meeting is one piece of that puzzle. His only objective in coming on the air here is to muddy the waters and promote himself to make some money.


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