Rock Island Armory 1911 Compact Ultra Tactical 45 ACP Pistol Review

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Rock Island Armory 1911 CS Ultra Tactical 45 ACP Pistol Review and dis-assembly. RIA makes more 1911’s than anyone in the world and for the price, you just can’t beat it.

Rock Island Armory Website:

NRA 2015 Interview with Martin Tuason:

Skinny Medic’s YT channel:

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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  1. Its 2-ah-zone. Not taw-son. (TUASON) good video tho. Bought a .357 LCR based on your lcr video. And I was considering a 1911 thats why Im back on your channel. Keep up the great reviews.

  2. i was looking for a new ccw weapon with more stopping power. i have an XDM so a springfield RO was on my top list. friend suggested Rock Island, and I am glad he did. his suggestion along with this video made my choice and saved me 300 bucks!!

  3. The Rock Island Armory 1911 Compact Ultra Tactical 45 ACP Pistol is so Ultra tactical that Yall didn't notice the gun cut the branch on the tree in the same frame the camera was lookin 45 degrees from it! (0:55)Proof! >:O NOW THAT'S ULTRA TACTICAL! O.O

  4. I have the base model of this one great gun! I am continuously impressed by RIA very high quality. I own two 1911s and a shotgun by them, only thing you have to remember is CLEAN them of their packing grease because there will be metal shavings mixed in and can cause extraction problems but once it's cleaned it's good to go.

  5. this is absolutely the last video I'm going to watch on the 1911 Subcompact, because I've been wanting this gun as my first Hammer fired firearm for a while, I have two Striker fire hand Guns, But on every video I've seen on the 1911 Subcompact the first thing people talk about is reliability issues with The Gun, malfunctioning or praying that it don't!. To me that's outrageous! and a huge issue fo rme. For one, I don't wanna pay for an expensive gun and be scared to CC it because of reliability issues especially when my life and or my family's life is on the Line. 2. I don't wanna have to deal with slow customer service then shipping and handling and all the obstacles that come with it, I just wanna buy the gun and it works properly and consistently like my XD Subcompact 40C and my Springfield M&P Shield 9mm.. I had a terrible experience with the Glock 22 40C I hated that Gun and I hated carrying it and everyone knows when you have a terrible experience with a firearm in my case the Glock 22 40C, You tend not to wanna carry it and that's the time something may happen and you're gonna need it!. So I went out and got the XD 40 Sub-Compact love that Gun, it's never failed on me, I have a great positive experience with it.Then I eventually got the M&P Shield which is even better for CC.. I never bought another Glock because of G22 And it didn't matter to me what people were saying on the internet about how great the Glock platform was because it just took me right back to the the first and only Glock experience which was the G22.. and because of such an extremely high volume of videos about reliability issues with a 1911 Subcompact my first Hammer fired gun will be the HK P30SKs.. I'm looking forward to it I will have it in a month for concealed carry

  6. Thanks, for the great video scootch I just bought my new RIA cs from for $579 . And I am very happy.This Rock cs ultra tactical is just a great shooter.

  7. Rock island armory 1911 slides are forged 4140 steel, and the frames are cast 4140 steel.
    they can last as much as any other cast slide 1911 manufacturer like Ruger etc.

  8. I own a full-size FS model and love it. Several hundred rounds through it with NO malfunctions (bought it used so it was likely already broken in); it loves Federal HSTs and my home-cast reloads. I shoot my .45 for the same price as .22 rimfire.

  9. Sootch00, still like this video and watched it AGAIN! Purchased one May 2015 and still love it, shoots very well and am carrying it often in my daily ccw rotation! Thanks again Sir ';-)

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