Roy Blunt: Trump’s Attacks On Media ‘Not My Point Of View’ (Full) | Meet The Press | NBC News

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) tells Chuck Todd that elected leaders face a challenge in communicating through the press, during an exclusive interview with Meet the Press.
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Roy Blunt: Trump’s Attacks On Media ‘Not My Point Of View’ (Full) | Meet The Press | NBC News

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Comment (486)

  1. Trump is working to make America great again and benefit all the citizens. Democrats and Republicans must both support him for their own interests. Soros bribing people and media to oppose Trump must be curtailed.

  2. The republican establishment is weak and spineless and is willing to let the right wing of its party pave the way to a fascist nation. This is one dangerous group of political figures.

  3. Blunt, you sure were trying to get up in the limelight on election day looking stupid and drunk 😵 all up in everything. Now you want to criticize our President! Fk u

  4. Democrats I beg you to read all of this! To be blunt your party is run by Communist George Soros He is a mega rich psychopath! His main goal is to take over America Via socialism, After that His ultimate goal of being Americas dictator . The control he has investing billions is scary. Please research his name and find out all you can about him. It's not real easy to do because he has total control of the mainstream media.
    Look at the media outlets he is and has invested millions and millions. CNN, MSNBC, ESPM.And now is even cutting into FOX. He orders them to bash republicans on every news outlet .
    TYT 20 million for Cenk and Ana to bash Republicans . BLM? ANTIFA? All funded by Soros. Communist? Any one who will hate America including those that want to see America destroyed on his payroll . He knows America can not survive Socialism with open borders. He also funds Liberal professors that teach hatred for America.
    He banks on young liberals that know little about socialism saying how great it is. Ask yourself do you really know the full extent of what socialism means . You don't because if you did you would see how evil it is It's been tried many times and is responsible for killing over 100 million people. Nothing comes close to its destruction. It guarantees the richest 1% stay that way .Also full control of your lives. Non 1%ers all become even.
    That's how they sell it free everything. You not researching this which is what they brainwash and bank on. When they say even they leave out the fact it means evenly poor. Poverty poor ! The stories you here about eating dogs in the streets are true.Once they take control your life is meaningless to them . To many starving people .Solution Depopulation threw means of poison 40 – 50 % eliminated. I truly wish this was all a fiction movie but it's very real. Goal is about ten years. If you don't smarten up and check into this it is inevitable this will be your new life ! When I say check on it that means a unbiased site that provides documents Not opinions as in CNN Fake news. People don't dare talk about this going against George Soros because they end up dead . Sorry about my spelling .Not my best quality but I would go as far to bet my life all of the above is true! A site called >>>Judicial Watch<<< is a good place to start. I really hope this sinks in. The decisions you make today will have a huge impact on your life 10 years from now.
    Soros cronies I'm sure will delete this so I hope you get a chance to read it!Democrats I

  5. Upchuck you need to calm down and start covering the real news. That would fix many of the problems. You attack the President day in and day out and wonder why He doesnt like the Fake News Networks. Race Race Race Race thats your power card? Grow up and let people be of different races and have disagreements. Where is all your outrage when Maxeen tries to cause a race war? You people are dividing our country and should be called out on it.

  6. Listen to what Trump tweeted. He sad that the media can cause war. People, this President is about to start a war, and put the blame on the media, and his brainwashed supporters will believe it. This is going to be dangerous for journalists, because his followers love to get violent.

  7. 03:32 The attack on black Americans in reference to their intelligence is even most explicit as directed toward Congress woman Maxine Waters, whom he consistently calls "low IQ" Maxine. I taught I Q testing to clinical psych students for ten years before retirement, and a number of indicators, college graduation, career attainment, the quality of her public English discourse, all indicate that she's well above average IQ. Trump has called Don Lemon "dumb". Again, the same factors can be cited to indicate the man is clearly not dumb. Trump's weaknesses in reading and writing suggest a strong possibility of learning disabilities, and hence, his psychometric IQ would likely show decrements in those areas effected by verbal intelligence. In other words, there's a good chance that both Ms. Waters and Mr. Lemon would score higher psychometric intelligence than Mr. Trump. In considering Trump's racism, we must look also back to the findings by the Equal Housing Authority of racial discrimination in rental housing against the Trump organization in which Mr. Trump had a management role. Trump enforced direct practices of denial of available apartments to black people solely because they were black. In addition, his father was arrested at a KKK rally, i.e., it's beyond question that his father was a KKK member. While I don't think Mr. Trump has quite the same quality of racist attitudes as Wallace (white southern racism has unique features), the evidence is quite strong that he's a racist. In fact, the majority of Americans agreed to this in a poll. And while we could debate what criteria are necessary for the applicability of that term, it's indisputable that he does lots of racist things. One of them is falsely disparaging the intelligence of black people. I would say he does that for sadistic gratification, his own and that of his base.

    The claim sometimes made, that he is a graduate of Wharton Business School, actually amounts to his having transferred to Univ of PA for his junior and senior years and majoring in business. Wharton is highly esteemed for it's MA program in business. U of PA's undergrad business majors are taught by the Wharton faculty, but admission is to U of Pa, not to Wharton. In any event, grades in school are rightly kept private, but his name does not appear on any honor roll, either at Penn, nor as St. John's where he did his first two years. This would mean he never attained above a high C/ low B average in a single quarter. His father was a heavy donor to Trump's elementary and military schools. I have no knowledge of any donations the family may have made to U Penn or St. John's, but given the quality of his verbal abilities in reading and writing, some outside influence on his admission and continuation would not be unexpected.

  8. 01:40 Blunt: "The President communicates in a different way . . . " Yes, sir, Senator, he does. He lies through his teeth. He invents lies about others, including the press. He doesn't bother to provide any evidentiary basis for his claims because his purpose, especially in these rallies is incitement and emotional gratification, rather than any adjudication of facts, or even persuasion on the basis of evidence. Yes, sir, he communicates quite differently, so differently his behavior more resembles leading a highly aggressive form of a pep rally than it does anything resembling communication.
    Blunt, stop protecting him and you, tell the real truth.

  9. Senator, you've been given a number of opportunities by the media to stand up and represent the people of Missouri and you have skittered around and one more time you let us down! When are you going to get a pair and do something about this?

  10. STRANGE you say that in front of camera's Senator but say different when not in spotlight. YOU AFRAID THE MSM WILL STAT SLANDERING YOU? ATTACKING YOUR FAMILY? YOU SHAME YOURSELF AND PARTY.

  11. Blunt is an anti-american as they come. He telling us that the Republicans will not stop Trump. so with it. The death against anyone, armed Trump supporters and Trump promoting violence as his rallies should be a concern to any politician. There will be bloodshed and it is the anti-USA Republicans who are responsible.


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