Savage Axis XP II: Budget Rifle & Scope Bundle In 6.5 Creedmoor (HD)

I went to the range with a buddy’s Savage Axis XP II rifle, shot some groups, and go over what I think of it overall.

Rifle link:

CTK Precision link:

Shirt link:

Loctite link:

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  1. its a great starter for someone,and the can always do upgrade down the line if they want to. just about every custom pressision stock compony sells a stock for the savage axis.

  2. Funny how you have to state that it's not your truck , in this video. What holster is that your wearing… 😂 just kidding… from your post yesterday, you can pull people out of the woods to make comments.. like the rifle. Like you said can do better with the scope… thanks great video as usual…

  3. I followed your advice and picked up a 6.5 creedmoor savage BA 10 stealth. It shoots sub 0.5 moa to 0.3 moa 5 rds groups with 140-147gr Hornady ammo and hand loads. Thanks for the savage vs Ruger RPR info. I'm going to shoot it at the Rex Reviews live fire class in November.

  4. Look closely when the Fusion round did not pickup. The magazine was not fully seated on the rear latch. (3:33 to 4:22) This also makes for hard mag removal. Not an uncommon issue on the Savages. Experience with this is the only reason I took a second look. On my Model 10 FCP-SR, I check for mag lockup by squeezing on the bottom of the mag and the ejection port with my thumb and forefinger. Should not have to do this, but I find it works. 10 rd mag can have the same issue. Also note: On the 10 FCP, the 10 rd mag for 6.5 Creedmoor (P/N 111665) and the 308 (P/N 110930) are NOT the same. The 6.5 has a slightly shorter 'hump' on the follower.

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