Sccy CPX-2 9mm Concealed Carry on a Budget

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Concealed Carry on a Budget: SCCY CPX-9 9mm pistol. Compromising quality for price is the way things go, but the SCCY CPX-9 is an outstanding handgun for the money and excels in reliability and quality. For around $300, I think it’s one of the best options out there for the price.

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  1. So who wants to go through a months worth of practice to be able to fire this weapon. I cant understand the trigger pull from hell on this gun. Its like learning to shoot all over again. Mine is going in the drawer to never be seen again……

  2. hey I been following your videos for a while and I like your reviews useful information unlike some others I just picked up a cpx 2 about a week ago and sofar like the thing putty well . picked it up for $249 so I'm happy the trigger dos take a little getting used to but doable thanks again keep em coming

  3. You make me laugh, every one of ur vid always accompany with the "hero going to the final fight" type music… does that play when u get up from the couch to go potty at home? Awesome vid as always. Cheers.

  4. Do not buy them they are made like shit sold for shit prices and at some point it can and will produce a problem. I got 23 rounds out of mine before the magazine and spring fell right out of the bottom. Needless to say I own a smith and wesson now.

  5. I was strolling through Youtube, checking out daily carry pistols and ALL the different channels reviewing guns( there are several). I check out the popular channels here and there and every time I purchase a weapon I get several opinions on several channels. I am not buying this pistol reviewed here, but the review was one of the best I have seen. I rarely leave LIKES or DISLIKES, and it takes allot for me to stop and take the time to type a comment good or bad! But I wanted to do so for this one. It's simple, informative, and kinda just a regular guy giving the review. Good job man.

  6. $225 Taurus PT111 G2 is a much better firearm for the money. Put 900 rounds out of mine with only one failure to feed which was my fault for not seating the magazine properly.

  7. My Wife bought one of these and she loves it and oh by the way she is a damn good shot with it even after having carpal tunnel surgery. She had to have the purple one… Go Figure! Great pistol great value…

  8. The SCCY warranty also includes loss replacement. If ever you are involved in a situation where you have to defend yourself (which I hope never happens) and your gun is confiscated they will give you a new gun.

  9. Sootch, I am an African American Male 55 years of age. I really like your page. But when you say long live the republic I have my doubts. Please tell me that you're not a racist. That would make me not subscribe. just being honest. but I really like your channel. thanks.

  10. Retired LEO, many years of shooting. You and very few others are the best "Kentucky windage" shooters I"ve seen… excellent videos, keep up good work.

  11. Had mine for 3 years and love it. I love having 10+1 ammo capacity as well. It conceals fantastically and it draws out quick too. It'll never have the accuracy of a Sig, Glock, or even a Smith, but for what I use it for it does the job and does it well. Recoil is a bit snappy, but it is a little pistol chambered in 9mm. I agree with seattwa that 124 grain didn't work as good as I hoped so I stick with 115gr. Cleaning is as simple or more so than any other pistol I've come across. I had an issue with mine that was MY fault, and not the gun's. Anyway SCCY's customer service was wonderful and my issue was resolved very quickly and with zero headaches. Can't say enough about this great little AMERICAN pistol. An added plus is that from what I have seen on SCCY's website, we agree politically as well. Greetings to you Mr. sootch00 from over the mountains.

  12. I broke down and bought one. I can't find a flush fitting mag for the CZ 40P, my Sig 2022 is rather big, i have a Star 40 firestar, almost 40 oz loaded a 4566, a P83 and some other full size pistols (1911 in both 9mm and 45 ACP). I carry a Sig P238, but the .380… So I am experimenting with a 9mm and if I don't like it, oh well I paid 225 for a new SPX2 yesterday. If I like the round I will get a better pistol. I tend to carry 40 cal pistols.

  13. Having shot the SCCY CPX, I find it is a well-made gun, and I experienced no problems with feeding. For those who are wondering, the gun is essentially the same size as the Glock 26 while being a little lighter and using a heavy double-action trigger. You will need large hands for this gun. People with medium or small hands will not like it. The trigger, quite frankly, is terrible. You will require a LOT of practice to be accurate with it. The recoil is quite severe, worse actually than the Glock 43 or Ruger LC9s, which I found surprising. It may be that the gun needs a stronger recoil spring, I'm not sure. While this gun is very affordable and has some innovative features, it is not a gun I would recommend based on my own experience with it.

  14. I can tell that it's good pistol for the price. I just don't like DA only. Too bad they don't Make aDA/SA version with an exposed hammer. I would seriously consider then. Love your Channel SOOTCH00! I bought My Bersa 9mm Ultra Compact Pro after watching your excellent review on it! Very happy with it and now own the Thunder 380 CC. If I'm interested in a pistol, I always look to see if you have a review on it!

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