Sen. Lindsey Graham: FBI report very good for Kavanaugh

Democrats criticize FBI’s investigation into Kavanaugh allegations as not thorough; Senator Lindsey Graham reacts on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. Ppl still don't realize that leaking this story has amped us up to vote because we as rublicans learned the truth…and yes we are all together!!!
    Lindsey is so correct about the mid-terms ❣❣

  2. I've been wrongly accused. Questioned, but never charged. It has ruined my life. I profoundly insist on never being alone in the same room as a woman ever again. I'd cross the street before walking past a woman passerby on the same side. A woman doctor went to examine me once and she was shocked at how i reacted when she touched my arm. I automatically flinched and she saw how shaken i was afterwards. There is no aftercare system in place for people like me. My accuser was purely motivated by money and the desire to gain attention and jump on the abuse bandwagon. She can get on with her life without a second thought about the damage she has done and it's disgusting. She was the last woman i would ever be with intimately and i've spent the last 15 years taking each day at a time, struggling to acknowledge the fact that i've changed deep down. I'm a hardened cynic nowadays and my attitude towards humanity in general has been turned on it's head, because men like me now live in a wide awake nightmare where it's our word against hers and where there's no smoke without fire. The system is designed to believe the woman regardless of the truth and that needs to change.

  3. What are the Democrats playing at? This has been bullshit from the start. Anyone can see that.
    Instead of re-evaluating their strategy, they'll probably double down and go even further off the deep end. They're insane.

  4. what's funny is that through the whole process when Republicans were saying the democrats were using this as a political maneuver, not once was it said about the republicans until all of the phony things the dems tried didn't work and suddenly a last ditch effort ….they say about the republicans what was said about them all along. Speaking about democrat senators, I have never witnessed such a divisive, cruel and power hungry group as they have shown themselves to be. They remind me of the mafia who will do anything to get what they want. It's embarrassing and shameful. They are hurting America and they don't care.

  5. The Dems are Demagogues, they seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational arguments. There's a reason the word demagogue starts with "Dem"!

  6. How did Ford not know the nomination committee offered to fly out to California and interview her confidentially? Does she live in a cave? It was all over the news. The entire country knew, we were all waiting for her reply.

  7. Ford was an activist. The University she works at, her political affiliation, them holding this story till the end, her strange lack of depression outside these hearings, her withdrawal of pushing the issue when the Democrats lost this fight, the Democrats refusing to support any nominee Trump picked, all points to the same thing: They cannot be trusted.

  8. If I was allowed to tell the FBI what to investigate and what to keep out of their report. I could have a good report too Lindsey.
    There was a Republican majority on the committee and also in Congress & that's the only reason Kavanaugh got seated. I'm not for the Dems or the Repubs, but I know a sham inquiry when I see it. Only a Fool could have missed this one. Let's be honest.
    I myself don't care if Kavanaugh got too drunk during high school at a party and came on too hard to some girl. His friend in the room probably stopped him, or Kavanaugh realized he was going too far and quit. Things like that can happen with young kids trying to become adults and getting too loaded.

    But the fact that he now lied about this and several other things regarding his past is the part that bothers all honest people.

    Dozens of witnesses stories were withheld from the Senate Judiciary Committee, by a Republican appointed Justice named Roberts. One hand washes the other. Once again, this is what happens when you have a republican majority running the show. The FBI was not allowed to investigate an investigation is what it all boiled down to. They were told what to investigate and to dismiss all of the other witnesses that knew Kavanaugh was lying.

    This is a victory for nobody. I myself believe in a solid Ship of State. When John F. Kennedy was president and a vacancy came up on the Supreme court. He suggested to Congress that they select a conservative leaning justice. He felt that there would then be a more equal balance on the court between the Right and the Left.

    A country that begins leaning too far to one side or the other is a country in danger. Just like a ship loaded incorrectly will capsize in a storm, so our Ship of State can do the same when troubled times come upon us.

    Many people no longer care about the integrity of our Nation. To them it's all about one party or the other getting its way.
    This US is mainly a two party country with their leaders representing their party and not the people. Make no mistake about it.

    Both democrat and republican voters went to the cleaners when Bush collapsed the economy, but the Rich were not hurt by it, in fact they profited during those years. Hillary was ready to sell us out to push through the TPP for the Corporate Big Boys. Giant Corporations rule our politics. Trump is a Corporation unto himself and the first thing he did was pass the new tax bill which got him a 60 million dollar tax break for his corporation.

    Fox and other media pit bulls like Gleen Beck are the mouth piece for these Corporate Big Boys, Other pit bulls include Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Mike Savage, Mark Levine, Bill Orielly, Dennis Prager, Laura Ingraham, and the list goes on and on. They hammer us over the head 24/7, day in and day out and divide our country by claiming they are on the side of the Good and anyone who doesn't agree with their corporate agenda is on the side of Evil. They are well rewarded for this service.

    So let's be honest. The only ones who won, were the Giant Corporations who can now shove through their desires more easily and have less resistance, should any of their bully tactics be contested and make it to the Supreme court.

    You people who go along with all of this might think you get a few little bones tossed to you every once in a while by both of your parties leaders, but you all just went to the cleaners once again.

  9. So the FBI's findings on Kavanaugh makes the good lovers of Liberty over at Fox and Lindsey Graham happy well you had better be happy also when the FBI along with Mueller's Investigation indict Trump his son and the crew you can't have it both ways I think the GOP got played big time.

  10. I applaud Lindsey Graham…. but all be damned if he runs for office cause just because he has my vote in this single issue doesn’t mean I don’t realize all the other “issues” he has involved himself with…

  11. Thank you Mr. Graham. But please stop referring to 'those' people as your friends. They aren't. They are enemies of God and of America and need to be locked up. If Dr. Fraud wanted this to remain confidential why give the letter to Feinstein to begin with. It was meant to be leaked exactly when it was. No one buys this. And quit saying her testimony was credible. It wasn't. You no longer need to be politically correct. The american people are awake. Her fake little girl voice gave it away. No one bought it. Demoncrats are liars and manipulators. Just like their father the devil. The accuser of the brethren. Arrest these people already.

  12. I would like to see Chuck schumer and Dianne Feinstein locked in a small closet and have CYANIDE GAS fill that closet. THESE 2 ARE YOUR STEREOTYPICAL
    God bless
    "The GREAT ONE" MARC LEVINE AND Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu Who I would vote for us president in a heartbeat hypothetically.


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