SHTF Top 3 Guns

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: “SHTF Top 3 Guns”. Here’s is my top 3 gun list for Self Defense. If I only had 3 guns, these are what I’d have.

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  1. 1. Pistol – CZ 85 (or a CZ 75 in stainless steel, since the SS models of the 75 are ambidextrous except for the slide release, and the 85 series is discontinued, sadly)
    2. Rifle – AK (either a 47 or a 74)
    3. A bag full of Jelly Babies (to bribe intruders with)

  2. I like the 870 as a primary. It's not as fun to shoot as an AR, but the first shot counts the most. Unless you live rurally.

  3. Best long term survival/SHTF guns in my opinion –
    1) .22 Target pistol (for hunting/ personal defense)
    2) 12 gauge pump shotgun (sparingly for defense) broken down in backpack

    I'd pack light and move quick. Save space for more ammo, animal traps, and food.
    Oh, and a Ghillie suit so no terrorist could see me from 500 yards away with their rifle.

  4. My personal list:
    1: 1911 (Colt or Kimber) An M&P or beretta would also do, but I prefer the .45
    2. Some variant of a .22lr, I prefer an AR-7 (Henry survival rifle) but a ruger 10/22 would do nicely as well
    3: A 12 gauge shotgun either a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 590
    If I could have a 4th I'd pick an AK due to the reliability and 7.62 round (even though .223 would likely be more available) but an AR would work nicely as well.

  5. Why not get a Glock 23 and a 357 and 9mm conversion barrel and some 357 and 9mm mags. Then you have more ammo options. Also at $200 everyone should have an SKS and a box of 1400 rounds of ammo for it.

  6. You want 5 guns?! You listen here, boy: Glock 19 + Ruger 10/22 + Glock 19 + Ruger 10/22 + ANOTHER FUCKING GLOCK 19!!!!! Shotgun isn't a bad idea, but I ain't carrying dat fat ass around and them fat ass shells. Same thing with that bullshit AR hogwash. Your ass should be hauling ass, not engaging. Don't be a hero, fly like a birdy. Git, boy.

  7. It's not 9mm, and it's not a 1911, but I was fortunate enough to have a bargainer for a father, and I've been granted a Ruger p97. In .45. Pretty big, but hefty and damned reliable!

    Most people are mediocre pistol shots beyond about 25 yards. A 9mm is NOT sufficient to kill large game like deer.
    I WOULD HUMBLY SUGGEST the #1 should be a 12 gauge pump shotgun with cylinder bore.
    Excellent for home defense, and capable of killing a wide assortment of large game, small game, and wild fowl.

  9. For squirrel or other small game (even seen it take a pissed off raccoon), a .17 or .22 pellet rifle is fantastic.
    It's quiet, you can carry thousands of rounds, and it works without powder and primer.

    #1 Pistol —- in the most common rounds that can be found like 9mm, .45, or perhaps a 357 magnum (can shoot 38 SPL)
    #2 Shotgun, pump style —- 12 or 20 Gauge.
    #3 High Capacity, Scoped Battle Rifle —- 5.56 AR-15, an AR-10 in .308, or an AK in 7.62X39.

    That's it other than perhaps a .22 Rim-fire for getting small game and being able to carry thousands of rounds easily.

  10. People need to lose the one man Mikita mentality. Survival is the number one priority and I doubt that everyone will be outside fighting in the streets. With every firefight there is an associated risk. In most firefights, one person comes home and one person dies. Every firefight is an unnecessary risk. Lay low and get a good hunting rifle. Get a reliable handgun if you think you need it in case of a house break-in.

    Remember that everyone's goal will be to stay alive and keep their family alive.

  11. question, everyone always talks about how they need a good handgun which is understandable, but how come everyone always picks the Glock, and I know the Glock is proven and everything but why is it no one ever picks a Smith & Wesson or even a Springfield XD Series pistol, why is it always the Glock???? you have good guns out there such as Walther, CZ, H&K.

  12. Going out and about….concealed pistol. Feeding the family….22 caliber rifle or shotgun. Defending the house…..AR or AK or shotgun. Take your pick, they all cross over to each other's function to some degree. Bugging out? That's where you'll have to do some thinking, and look at your local variables. I'd favor light, quiet and easy to take care of over combat bad-assery.

  13. i'd have to say that a shotgun should be the first gun a person get. not an expensive one but a utility gun. because not all states allow hunting with rifles and from what ive seen a good shotgun demands a lot of respect.

  14. If I was to get a semi auto I would pick Beretta M9 over the Glock, but I would absolutely prefer a revolver over a semi auto for one simple reason. No mags. In both semi auto rifles and pistols you have mags. Mags can get broke or lost, and if that happens your gun is useless. With a revolver you don't need to worry about losing mags, and plenty of speed loaders would make up for mags. Ammo might not be as common, but when it comes to a revolver you can shoot different calibers also. I like the 357 because it can also shoot 38s. This makes it more versatile. I like the 12 gauge pump for the same reason. No mags and the ability to shoot all kinds of shells. Hell, you can even shoot a $1.80 out one if you needed. And as far as a rifle I would have to pick a bolt action 30 30 or 30 06. Those were the hunting rifles I grew up shooting. I might find something more up to date, but the platform would be similar.

  15. I think a rifle would be a better choice than a handgun. I'd personally rather be able to hit targets far away than to have to get too close and risk getting hurt

  16. I thought this was an SHTF scenario. So why would you be walking around outside and need to conceal carry? Wouldn't you want to stay home with your preps? I would think you would want full sized guns since you don't have to travel with it. Whatever. Thanks Sootch! I watch your videos all the time.

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