Sig P320 Wins U S Army XM 17 Pistol Contract

Sig P320 Wins U.S. Army XM-17 Pistol Contract.

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  1. Awarding the government contract to SIG, a European Union based company, was a total UN Agenda 21 move by Obama to steal more taxpayer money and send it to our enemies in the EU. SIGs are having significant QC issues in recent years, so this was a suicidal move to award them this contract when we have excellent American made pistols like the M&P.

  2. The problem with the Glock is their polymer quality, they tend to bend a bit when too much exposed on the barrel heat, Glocks are amazing guns, but gen3 were imho better quality, the Gen4 are to me less quality, Sig Sauer means ultra quality, and are superior to Glock at the moment, polymer included, and the modularity isn't comparable obviously.

  3. Cost, ease of use, adaptability, and reliability are the drivers in this selection. I doubt the U.S. Army cares whose name is on the side of the firearm!

  4. Got a chance finally to shoot one at the range the other day. I tend to like a lower bore axis pistol, and the aesthetics of the Sig P320 frame and grip are not appealing to me at all I have got to say… The 320 is effortless to shoot tight groups accurately, it's ergos, recoil, trigger, sights, and function out of the box are dead on. This is what I look for when buying a pistol, if I can't shoot it effortlessly accurate out of the box without changing triggers or sights then I have to think twice before buying it. The temptation is huge to buy one but I have too many 9mm's in every size now and the aesthetics are just too much of a no go for me to spend the cash… Still an great shooting pistol was very surprised, NICE!

  5. Its gives me a big laugh to see all the Glocktards whine and then try to claim the 320 is a POS. Keep your Glocks that have seen little advance in 30 years.I bought a sig320 and it makes my two Glocks its bitches. They now sit on the back of my gun safe for when I decide I want a mod kit, I'll sell one

  6. I have a 320 and I am very very old.
    I see no reason the US even put out a requirement for a modular pistol.

    Remember McNamara ? anyone ?

    So the steel framed Colt lasted from 1911 to 1988, at least 75 years.
    The alloy M-9 lasted a maybe 30. How long will the polymer weapon last?

    Bet even in my old age I will see it replaced.
    Its a bad Idea.

    Certainly SIG makes High end guns. The 320 is not one of them.
    Argue if you want.. go buy one with your own money.. and we can talk.

  7. Just like the government to chase overpriced weapons with OUR TAX DOLLARS, they may be good, but way overpriced. S&W firearms are way cheaper, they should have purchased these and given us all a badly needed tax cut.

  8. I tend to agree with the other reviewers. Modularity is great but at $300 per kit , you may as well buy another pistol. Nor does it address the issue of a backup gun.

  9. Sig Saur's ammo is some of the best 9mm ammunition that I have used in factory ammo, very accurate, very consistent grouping and zero failures, jams, double feeds etc.. in all five boxes (250 rounds), might have something to do with that.

  10. 3:20 The Marine Corp and more so the special forces adopted the Glock 19 because it was cheap. The elite forces are able to use whatever weapon they desire. Thus, at that point, the standard issue might as well be the cheapest.

  11. Plastic bullshit, go back to 1911 A1. One hit you put a man on his ass and the only thing that is not "STEEL" are the grips.
    What is with all these fucking plastic kiddie toys?

  12. and all the Glock brand sluts are all butt hurt now. Glock submitted pistols for Army testing multiple times, only to refuse to sign over the exclusive manufacturing rights, so the military can have (a) backup supplier(s). This wasted the Army's time and money. They also told Gaston Glock to go f–k his hat too. I have a collection of old 1911s from WWII that are made by Remington Rand, Union Switch & Signal, Savage, Ithaca, Singer, Colt, and ????. The Sig is truly modular. You can have full size, duty size, compact, sub compact, 3 grip sizes, and in 4 calibers, maybe 5?? 9mm, .40S&W, .357 Sig, & .45ACP, maybe 10mm someday? What is that? 48 maybe 60 different guns from one receiver? That is pretty modular compared to 3 different back straps. Sorry Glock. Gaston Glock already pissed on the Army's leg and told them it was raining more than once. Politics played a part too, no doubt about that.

  13. Is there any company out there that actually offer convertion barrels for the 320s like the ones avaible for glocks?
    I have a G23 and a 320 in .40. and I got a 40-9mm conversion barrel for my glock but I can't find anything like that for my sig. Buying a full conversion kit for $300 or more doesn't make sense to me. Specially when there are some guns that has drop in conversion options available in the market for about $100.

  14. I've had my P320 for about 5 months now, with only about 300 rounds through it so far. I'm greatly disappointed since I was hearing such good things and knowing Sig's rep. I experience a failure to feed fault about one round in every 26. (2 mags ). I switched ammo hoping this and break in would help out, but not yet. This is with cheaper range ammo. Winchester " white box, 180 gr, and 165 gr, and worse with Blazer Brass. Even tried my carry ammo, but again, failure within 2 mags. Went back to the white box for now. After the last outing to the range. I was getting a baseline on my personal sighting with the Sig, my H&K, and my CZ, before the after market sights I ordered come in and will install this week. During cleaning afterwards, I noticed a suspicious wearing on the ramp, in the underside of the slide. It looks almost like a "chatter" cut into the ramp on one side, then noticed that the safety lever had a matching wear edge on it as well, thinking, it may be part or even fully responsible for the chatter marks in the ramp?? Not sure. Sig doesn't do email customer support, as I wanted to send them the pics of what I have found, so I guess I need to wait until Monday to call. Needless to say, I am VERY disappointed. I really wanted this to be my new carry weapon. Looks like its still going to be my H&K, for now. I know Sig will help, but just really bummed right now.

  15. Couldn't have come fast enough.
    I know I'm going to cause some butt hurt but here it goes.
    I carry an M9 at work every day. I have owned two of them personally. I also F***ing HATE them. I don't know anybody that works at the PMO with me that doesn't share my opinion. The M9 was garbage when it was adopted and its garbage now.
    I can't imagine how a striker fire sig would be a step in the wrong direction.

  16. Well latest is that the P320 ain't doing so hot for the Army or in the law enforcement arena. Frames cracking, premature barrel wear, extraction issues and trigger problems as well. A New Jersey police department ordered around 1000 of them only to return them to Sig & replaced them with Glocks.

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