Strongest AR15 BCG XPB Extreme Performance Bolt

Sharps Rifle Company is producing the Strongest Bolt Carrier Group on the Market. Made from S7 Tool Steel and offers the DLC (Diamond Like Coating) Finish. Add the Balanced Bolt Carrier and Relia-bolt and you have an awesome system!

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  1. wondering if the dlc is the same prices some sportbike companies use on higher end forks-that stiff was hard to scratch.curious how it holds up to cleaning/scraping? also have you noticed any extra fouling in the upper receiver around the chamber?
    thanks for the video

  2. You mentioned that they're not individually HP/MPI tested like most high dollar bolts like the BCM? Seems kind of ironic since it's marketed as a "relia-bolt". Why not do individual testing vs batch testing?

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