The Airgun Show – Farmyard pigeon & dove hunt with the Walther LGU, PLUS AT Vulcan 2 Tactic on test!

We’re back with another spring-gun hunting session, and this time Andy Watkins is using the Walther LGU to tackle an infestation of feral pigeons. It turns out to be a busy session and Andy amasses a hefty bag of farmyard pests.

On the bench this week is the Airgun Technology Vulcan 2 Tactic from Pellpax. This Czech-made semi-bullpup boasts a 15-shot magazine, CZ barrel, regulated firing cycle and super-crisp trigger. Tune in to see how it fares in our test.

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  1. Great shooting again Andy, picked up a second hand LGU in mint condition, absolutely love that gun, need more practice to be as accurate as you though, really enjoy The Airgun Show, keep them coming guys

  2. Great shooting but you need at least 2-3 shooters with pcp’s with shrouded barrels so you can drop 3 at once without them flying off & you always need a range finder with a top notch scope to dial those ranges in

  3. If you love watching Gods beautiful creatures being murdered, then this video is for you. Plenty of deaths to look forward to. And also a chance to see cows standing in their own shit. A real blood bath for your entertainment.

  4. Some fine shots there Andy, if you find yourself without a convenient resting place you should have a set of Primos Trigger sticks, get Mat to lend you his or better yet get the Shooting Show to buy the new Gen 3 version, I use a set around the farm for either sitting or standing and once you get used to them they are so fast and take all the weight of the gun.


  5. not impressed with Andy's gun handling . he should be holding that under leaver whilst loading even if the gun has an anti bear trap .he should be teaching good gun safety as well as making a name for him self.

  6. Great job Andy, make sure you share some of your pigeon pie with Mat who spent his time narrating your shooting haha! Apart from pigeons pooping all over farms and yards, them standing on cables and wires and happily 'redecorating' my car make me wanna get a gun and give them a piece of my mind as well.


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