Today on Sports Reactions – The Art Of Defending (FOOTBALL/ SOCCER REACTION)

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You’re watching Sports with Ant (Anthony) and I react to sports related videos… and have FUN doing it!

This is Channel is for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only! I am not knowledgeable about all the different sports I am reacting to and I am not a sports analyst paid to research sports and talk about them… I am only here to watch sports related videos, share my opinion, have fun, and hopefully make you laugh along the way! 🙂

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Comment (126)

  1. How are you ever gonna score if you put 1/3 of you're player in your own goal, essentially taking them out of 90% of the game?:P

    Also, it wouldn't be hard scoring on a goal with players in it if you can just waltz through a defense missing 3 players all game long:P

  2. The last guy was Paulo Maldini and Italian defender who played for AC Milan and the Italian National team, regarded as one of if not the best defender of all time. Also, a tackle is legal as long as you touch the ball ⚽️ before touching the player.

  3. The last Eden Hazard video wasn't good. This one is his performance in the 2016-17 season in English Premier League where he won the league title with Chelsea.
    One of the finest in the world at the moment.

    Eden Hazard – Sublime Dribbling Skills & Goals 2016-17

    Watch this as well. They're by the same channel.

    Eden Hazard – Sublime Dribbling Skills & Goals 2017/2018

  4. Hey can you do a reaction to a video comparing Gary Ablett Sr & Wayne Carey, they are the two greatest Australian rules footballers of all time.  Gary Ablett Sr was the Michael Jordan of Australian Football, just as spectacular .. He used to take catches standing on peoples shoulders. He would kick goals from the corner of the field 40 yards out, and curl it back. He would wrestle with people shrug them off, and take a one handed catch. And Wayne Carey was similar to LeBron James. Tall guy, would use his size and would take a lot of contested catches and dominated. They're party time highlights ..

  5. Imo one off the sexiest tackles is one that nainggolan does a lot, also lahm was known for it, its basicly sliding too far and then putting your legg back to get the ball, this way you then have controll over the ball. this is a video about nainggolan, hes a midfielder who can defend but also attack ( we call it box to box midfielder ) The video shows goal assist and also tackles ( some of them are the one i was talking about ) there is also a shorter video all about his tackle its called the nainggolan tackle

  6. 3:56 “why don’t they just put more people near the goal” there is a certain rule called offside. And if you put people on the line with a gk the attackers could just stand near the goal to recieve the ball. This would make the game really strange


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