The Best Striper Surf + Win a Surf Fishing Adventure with Me

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The Best Striper Surf Conditions but unfortunately a poor bite. We probably took about 100 waves over the head and swallowed a gallon of brackish water anticipating at least one solid hit from a big striped bass but we never got it so we’ll be back!
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  1. Hey bro what’s up. I love your videos! Thanks for sharing, big fan here. I noticed you haven’t caught much in the way of big fish this season and neither did I or anyone I know. What’s going on? I live in NY Queens and this year we didn’t get any nice blue fish action. Hardly any big bass. Any clues why? Thank you. Live to fish and fish to live.

  2. That spots pretty good fishing. I think they were juvenile shad. At least that’s what they were last week when I was there. And thanks for keeping that camera facing downward. Much appreciated.

  3. Great video my friend, you have some awesome equipment bro. I'll have to save up for that rod reel combo lol. I like your bag, I'll get one from j and H. I'm in Texas not too many people have one of those bags. Here in Texas there's lots of bait fishermen, not much lures used.

  4. I hate when people who do not know how to control their dogs leave them off leash. Had one rush me at IBSP the guy did not even correct the dog or call it. Some people!

  5. I remember those conditions very well back when I was young and healthy enough to safety handle those conditions…It is an exhilarating feeling even when you're just hooking up with schoolies. Many cold November and December memories along the south shore of RI.(Even stories of fish in January..)
    What are your chances of a Xmas day schoolie this year, based on things you encountered on this trip?


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