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#nba2k19 #nba2k19sharpshooter #brutalsimdaguru

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Comment (210)

  1. The sharpshooting shot creator build is insane. (shot first then sharp secondary) you get a 90 something mid range with an 82 plus three as well as an 86 driving layup and a 75 driving dunk. this build can do it all and since dribbling is low-key dead this year you can make him 6'7 and he'll be so much bigger than all the gaurds and can defend and be a scoring machine.

  2. Brutalllll my team wants me at the SF to be a bucket machine as I always am. Last year I was crazy with the shot creator. What arc do you think is the KD build or the LeBron build

  3. I’m trying out that slashing shot creator primary shot creator secondary driving and finishing at the pg position at 6’6 205 putting the wingspan up just a lil bit at 86.0 more badges because it has some silver playmaker badges with it making it an all around build y’all check that out I know ipodkingcarter has this build at sf n you say it’s a top 3 sg build I’m trying it out at pg


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