The US and China are ‘definitely’ in a trade war: Analyst | In The News

Jonathan Pain of The Pain Report says it is “almost delusional” to suggest that the start of the trade “war” between the U.S. and China will have no impact on the global economy, confidence or supply chains.

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  1. Romans 13:10 love* works no harm to its neighbor. This "trade war" scam….only hurts the poor people of both countries. And since China isnt* on the U.S. Dollar, or Petrodollar…the increased costs$$$ in the U.S. due to increased *tariff charges both ways…will hasten the destruction of U.S.economy on the $ fiat used here. Mr.Trump started it……

  2. How freaking brilliant of you, what was your first clue, and had Ho'bama had done the same thing you wouldall be offering him your wives and daughters for his vast intelligence. You scum!

  3. It’s about time, the China steel production is fucking garbage. Look at some of the cars in 2007 to 2016 have rust already. Pretty much time when our mills where closing up shop. Look at steel signs, not even 5 years old and rust. We have enough resources in America, where we can tell these foreign countries to screw off. We just need to tap into it all.

  4. Americans are the consumers of most of the world's products. We can out last the world using our own manufacturing to keep us going as we once did and still maintain a booming economy. How about the the rest of the world? Fair trade or BRING BACK US ISOLATIONISM!!

    ..I ASK..MEDIA..WHAT A YOU SELLING HERE ??? AGAIN. FUCK YOUR OPINION. WAR??? You cant even define the words you use. Pumping up a BITCH. STOP MANIPULATING.

  6. Would anyone blame China for not wanting to get royally fucked by the US? Of course not. It’s just good business. But flip the premise and all of the sudden America is evil and bigoted.

  7. If the financial markets are "desensitized", as he puts it, then clearly there aren't enough economic problems for there to actually be a trade war. He's making fake predictions about what will happen probably hoping things will turn down due to fearmongers like him…. thereby proving him right.

  8. WATCH China will buckle under the Pressure of its people…They steal everything like technology and then they devalue their currency….And the liberals are supporting China over Trump.. what a sick joke!!!!


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