Tour de France 2018: The aftermath of Philippe Gilbert’s scary TDF crash I NBC Sports

After Philippe Gilbert’s frightening tumble over the wall, Steve Porino gives an immediate update about the cyclists condition, until Gilbert is able to recover and continue racing. #TourdeFrance #TDF2018 #NBCSports

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Comment (35)

  1. Millions spent on this shit, and the fucking racers cannot get medical help when needed. Fucking cameras at every angle, corner and vantage point, but no help for a fallen racer. Sorry ass tour organization, sorry ass tour staff.

  2. When I was younger an FPL truck with the Telephone pole was traveling next to me and the guy in the passenger side yelled down to me, HEY YOU!  I flew off into the sugar sand off the sidewalk on McGregor Blvd at the time I was doing about 25 to 30 mph.  I pulled the brakes as hard as I could flipped over the handle bars rolled to one knee and flipped them off.  It was classic!

  3. supertucking only briefly on a swervy road is just plain stupid—every time you come out of the tuck you have to concentrate on NOT getting yer bib caught on the nose of the saddle, among other things….time spent carefully "un-tucking" would be better spent choosing good lines…

  4. Sagan would have bunny hopped the wall and went off road and came back on the road three switches down in the lead.
    “It was not so steep. Only the stream and the goats gave me a bit of bother.”


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