Traditional Bow Hunt for Big Buck 2018

The challenge of killing a mature buck with a traditional recurve bow, is unmatched by anything else I’ve attempted. Finally, after hundreds of hours of hunting, the pieces of this three year long puzzle came together, and a mature buck fell victim to my recurve.

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  1. Dude…I really hope people who watch this video appreciate what you’ve just accomplished. People would kill to get a buck of that quality with a rifle, let alone a traditional bow. Great work! Sounds like the hard work of the past 3 years paid off, congrats!

  2. With a shot placement that high, the broadhead cut the artery under the spine. That's why I like and only shoot 4 blades. And that's why the buck didn't go far after the shot, you got lucky. Same thing happened to me this year on a giant blacktail buck this past season. Great video, hope you stay with the stick and string.

  3. we all know you synthesized that fella with a plastic deer toy using the same computer software Gary and Wyatt used in Weird Science. Then you go and kill it???!!! Wonder what it tasted like…..

  4. Wow nice looking buck I'm into archery too but not sure I'm going to be now hunting hi new supporter here from farmell fanatics stream left a big like watched your video in full added to my playlist tweeted it out and rang that bell and I'm now supporting you

  5. That's a helluva buck brother! Nice shot too! It just looked farther back because he was slightly quartering to you. Downward angle meant a higher shot wasn't bad either. Anyone would be proud to shoot a buck like that. I know what you mean about holding out for one that gets your heart beating. I did the same thing the last few years and it paid off this year like yours did. Nice job again!

    I apologize that I didn't hit the bell on your channel. I was never notified you posted any videos. I got some catching up to do!

  6. New supporter from Pusa Studios and very cool channel! We look forward to getting to know your channel better and watching more vids! And WOW what an amazing Buck! Congrats and Cheers to this!


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